Mars: A 21st Century Frontier EG 101 (defunct)
College Algebra MATH 113 (Holy Cross College)
Introduction to Engineering Computing AME 20214
Thermodynamics AME 20231
Differential Equations, Vibrations, and Control I AME 30314/34314
Fluid Mechanics AME 30331
Fluid Mechanics Laboratory AME 332 (defunct)
Compressible Aerodynamics AME 30332
Gas Turbines and Propulsion AME 40431
Introduction to Numerical Methods AME 40510
Undergraduate Research AME 48491
Intermediate Thermodynamics AME 50531/54531
Mathematical Methods I AME 60611
Mathematical Methods II AME 60612
Numerical Methods AME 60614
Intermediate Fluid Mechanics AME 60635
Perturbation Methods AME 598 (defunct)
Intermediate Heat Transfer AME 60634
Fundamentals of Combustion AME 60636
Viscous Flow Theory AME 70731

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