Undergraduate Research Students

Student Period of Work Project Title Current Status
Alexander M. Davies Spring 2021 Anomalous Wave Dynamics in a Non-Ideal Gas Ph.D. Student, University of Florida
Alexander M. Davies Fall 2020 Numerical Soutions to Scalar Conservation Laws Ph.D. Student, University of Florida
Steven R. Brill Spring 2014 Verification of the Wavelet Adaptive Multiresolution Representation Method to a Prescribed Error Threshold Ph.D. Student, Stanford University
Steven R. Brill Spring 2015 Stochastic Modeling of Heat Transfer through Heterogeneous Materials Ph.D. Student, Stanford University
Steven R. Brill Spring 2016 Quantifying the Uncertainty of Certain Problems; Undergraduate Honors Thesis Ph.D. Student; Stanford University
Jeffrey D. Bruns Spring 2014 Numerical Solutions to Blunt Body Re-entry Problem Design Engineer, Ethicon
Jeffrey D. Bruns Fall 2014 Physical Diffusion Cures the Carbuncle Problem Design Engineer, Ethicon
Stephen J. Voelkel 2011-2012 Implosion dynamics slides , poster Scientist, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Steven R. Brus Summer 2010 Reaction Dynamics of n-Heptane Computational Scientist, Argonne National Laboratory
Matthew McDowell Fall 2008 Mathematical Modeling of the Brusselator Senior Business Analyst, Johnson Controls
Zoltan Mester Summer 2007 Mathematical Modeling of the Kinetics of the Extrinsic Blood Coagulation System with Stoichiometric Anticoagulants
Matthew J. Terreault Fall 2003 Cookoff Studies in Solid Energetic Material Chief, Mortar Systems Branch, US Army Armament Research, Development and Engineering Center
Gianluca Puliti Summer 2003 Analytic and Computational Analysis of the Dynamics of Combustion Senior Program Manager, BD
David M. Belczyk Spring 2003 A Study of the Mixing Induced by Two Ideal Vortices Determining theMost Effective Vortex Configuration for a Defined Measurement Quantifying Effectiveness Attorney/Poet, Pittsburgh
Clayton R. Swope Fall 2002-Spring 2003 Calculation of Invariant Manifold for Isothermal spatially Homogeneous Reactions with Detailed Kinetics Senior Manager, National Security and Public Policy, Amazon Web Services
Nicholas J. Glassmaker Spring 1999 Intrinsic Low-Dimensional Manifolds for Combustion Research Scientist, Birck Nanotechnology Center, Purdue University
David S. Cabrera Spring 1998 Intrinsic Low-Dimensional Manifolds for Combustion Actuarial Analyst, Milliman IntelliScript
Jeffrey T. Borlik Spring 1996 Wave Propagation in a One-Dimensional Reactive Viscoelastic Medium Senior Principal Engineer, Safran
John R. Rooff IV Spring 1994 Numerical Modeling of Reactive Flow Over a Double Wedge Senior Director of Professional Services, Mavenlink
David R. Fulton Summer 1992, Spring 1993 Numerical Prediction of Equilibrium Mach Number for Hypersonic Flow with Detonation
Tariq D. Aslam Spring 1991 Accelerated Convergence of Infinite Series Scientist, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Brian T. Helenbrook Spring 1990 Analytical and Numerical Studies of Spherical Waves in Inert and Reactive Fluids Paynter-Krigmen Endowed Professor, Clarkson University

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