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Notre Dame Home Page Prelaw Suggested Readings
The following publications may be of interest to you. Some are available in 104 O'Shaughnessy. Others you can find in the Notre Dame Law Library, or in the Hammes Bookstore or other local bookstores.

Law Services, The Official Guide to ABA-Approved Law Schools, 2005 Edition (LSAC, 2004).



Law Services, So You Want to Be a Lawyer: A Practical Guide to Law as a Career, Revised Edition (LSAC).

Law Services, Financing Your Law School Education (LSAC).

Law Services, Thinking About Law School: A Minority Guide (LSAC).

Barron's Guide to Law Schools 2003 Edition (Hauppauge, NY: Barron's Educational Series, Inc., 2002).

Abrams, Lisa. The Official Guide to Legal Specialties: An Insider's Guide to Every Major Practice Area (Harcourt Brace, 2000).

Arron, Deborah. What Can You Do With A Law Degree? (Seattle: Niche Press, 1999).

Bachman, Walt. Law v. Life (Rhinebeck, NY: Four Directions Press, 1995).

Bell, Susan J., Ed. Full Disclosure: Do You Really Want to be a Lawyer? (Princeton, NJ: Peterson's Guides, American Bar Association, 1992).

Carey, Christin Civiletto. Full Disclosure: The New Lawyer's Must Read Career Guide (New York: ALM, American Lawyer Media, Inc, 2001).

Castleman, Harry. Going to Law School? : Everything You Need to Know to Choose and Pursue a Degree in Law (John Wiley and Sons, 1997).

Deaver, Jeffery. The Complete Law School Companion : How to Excel at America's Most Demanding Post-Graduate Curriculum (John Wiley and Sons, 1992).

Dieker, Lawrence. Letters From Law School: The Life of a Second-Year Law Student (Writers Club Press, 2000).

Falcon, Atticus, et al, Planet Law School : What You Need to Know (Before You Go)...But Didn't Know to Ask (Fine Print Press, 1998).

Hricik, David. Law School Basics : A Preview of Law School and Legal Reasoning (Nova Press, 1999).

Kahlenberg, Richard. Broken Contract: A Memoir of Harvard Law School (Univ. of Massachusetts Press, 1999).

Martinson, Thomas H. and David P. Waldherr. Getting into Law School Today, 3rd Edition (IDG Books Worldwide, 1998).

Miller, Robert. Law School Confidential (Griffin, 2000).

Moll, Richard W. The Lure of the Law (New York: Penguin, 1990).

Montauk, Richard. How to Get Into the Top Law Schools (Prentice Hall, 2001).

Munneke, Gary. How to Succeed in Law School (New York: Barron's Educational Series, 1994).

Shapo, Marshall and Helene S. Shapo, Law School Without Fear : Strategies for Success (Foundation Press, 1996).

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Whitebread, Charles H. Eight Secrets of Top Exam Performance in Law School (Harcourt Brace Legal & Professional Publications, 1997).

Zavatta, Amy, ed. The Princeton Review Prelaw Companion: What Law School Grads Wish They Knew Before They Started(Princeton Review, 1996).


LSAT Preparation



Kaplan, Kaplan LSAT 2003-2004 with CD-ROM (Kaplan, 1999).

Law Services, LSAT: The Official TriplePrep Plus with Explanations (Law School Admissions Council, 1995).

Law Services, The Official LSAT PrepTest With Explanations (Law School Admissions Council, 2000).

Bobrow, Jerry, Barron's Pass Key to the LSAT : Law School Admission Test, 4th Ed. (Barron's Educational Series, 2002).

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Stewart, Mark A. and Frederick J. O'Toole. 30 Days to the LSAT (Arco's 30-Day Guides) (Arco, 2001).