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=Contact us at our club's email (premed@nd.edu) for more details!
=Be sure to plan out something to occupy your summer

First General Meeting
Thursday, September 6, 2012
=8:00PM Notre Dame Room (LaFortune, Second Floor)

Holy Cross House
Speak to Alejandro Vargas about details (avargas3@nd.edu)
=Meet with some enchanting old timers with exciting stories
=Enjoy time with the priests

Kaplan MCAT course Raffle
First Meeting of the year with Colin Burns (meeting in Notre Dame Room)
=These courses are worth over $2000
=Attendance to meeting is a required for entry

Visit your Pre-Health Advisor
The Center of Health Sciences Advising
Jordan Hall of Science 219
=It is crucial to get to know and fully utilize your advisors and all they have to offer

2013 SNMA Annual Medical Education Conference
"Champions of Change: Improving Our Potential Enhancing Our Performance"
March 27-31, 2013; Louisville, KY 
Applications due date: Pending
For more information go to http://www.nd.edu/~premed/calendar.html
Application requirements:
=Fill out application (email premed@nd.edu for a copy)

Make sure to visit the Career Center
=Resume Reviews, Career Night Info, Mock Interviews
=Resumes, Cover Letters, & Interviews

=For more information go to Career Counseling



We are accepting donations!

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Medical School Visit


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