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2018 Nature Catalysis: Overcoming ammonia synthesis scaling relations with plasma-enabled catalysis

2017 Phys. Rev. E: Electrostatic Debye layer formed at a plasma-liquid interface

2016 JECS: Electrochemical Production of Oxalate and Formate from CO2 by Solvated Electrons Produced Using an Atmospheric-Pressure Plasma

2015 Nature Communications: The solvation of electrons by an atmospheric-pressure plasma

2014 PSST: Experimental study of electron impact ionization in field emission-driven microdischarges

2014 IEEE TPS: Visualization of Electrolytic Reactions at a Plasma-Liquid Interface

2013 JACS: Competing reactions in a plasma electrochemical cell

2012 JAP: Field emission-driven microdischarges

2012 J. Phys. D: Water electrolysis using a plasma cathode