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What is John Rawls's Theory of Reflective Equilibrium?

What is Liberalism?

The Liberalism of Isaiah Berlin

An Interview with Robert Talisse on my book Why Political Liberalism? On John Rawls's Political Turn, from New Books in Philosophy

Selected Papers

 Political Philosophy
The Separation of Church and State: Some Questions for Professor Audi”, Philosophy and Public Affairs 20 (1991): 52-65.

"Toward an Augustinian Liberalism", Faith and Philosophy 8 (1991): 461- 80

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Religious Reasons and the Duties of MembershipWake Forest Law Review 36 (2001): 511-34, a contribution to a conference inaugurating the Center for the Study of Religion, Morality and Law, the proceedings of which are in this issue.

Political Republicanism and Perfectionist RepublicanismThe Review of Politics 66 (2004): 285-312.

Deliberative CharacterThe Journal of Political Philosophy 13 (2005): 263-83.

Claims and Capabilities” for The Library of Living Philosophers volume on Martha Nussbaum (Open Court, forthcoming).

On Martha Nussbaum’s ‘Purified Patriotism’”, (unpublished comment delivered at a conference on cosmopolitanism, September, 2007).

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Convergence and Political Autonomy”, in a symposium on convergence and consensus in Public Affairs Quarterly 25,4 (2011): 327-48.

"Comment on Robert Audi's Democratic Authority and the Separation of Church and State", in a symposium issue of Philosophy and Public Issues.

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"Relational Equality, Inherent Stability and the Reach of Contractualism" Social Philosophy and Policy 31,2 (2015): 92-113 (typescript).

The proceedings of a symposium on my Rawls, Political Liberalism and Reasonable Faith, published online in Philosophy and Public Issues, can be accessed here.

"Reciprocity and the Rise of Populism",  Res Publica 26 (2020): 423-31


John Rawls
John Rawls: A RemembranceThe Review of Politics 65 (2003): 5-10.

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Medieval Political Thought
Augustine and Aquinas on Original Sin and the Purposes of Political Authority”, Journal of the History of Philosophy xxx (1992): 353-76.

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Medical Ethics
Of Assisted Suicide and `The Philosophers’ Brief’” Ethics 109 (1999): 548-78; includes “Appendix: A Brief Reply to Professor Dworkin”, pp. 576-78.

Two Arguments from Human Dignity”, Human Dignity and Bioethics: Essays Commissioned by the President's Council on Bioethics (GPO, 2007; University of Notre Dame Press, 2009), pp. 435-67.


Philosophy of Education
Motivational Adequacy and Educational Faith”, in a special issue of Theory and Research in Education 8,1 (2010): 93-106.

Academic Friendship” in The Aims of Higher Education (University of Chicago Press, 2015) ed. Brighouse and McPherson, pp. 52-73 (typescript).


Selected Book Reviews

Book Review of Robert P. George Making Men Moral: Civil Liberties and Public Morality (Oxford University Press, 1993) The Review of Politics 56 (1994): 582-84.

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Review Essay on Harry Frankfurt, On Inequality Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews, February 18, 2016.

Review Essay on William Edmundson, John Rawls: Reticent Socialist (Cambridge University Press, 2017) Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews,March 31, 2019