Lincoln-Douglas Debates


"Historical Background to the Lincoln-Douglas Debates"

"Mudsills and Greasy Mechanics for Lincoln"

"Lecompton Promotes Role in Lincoln's Rise"

Douglas, Speech of July 9, 1858

Lincoln, Lyceum Address

Lincoln, Speech on Dred Scott


SLATE's Interactive History of the Slave Trade

Visualizing Slavery (NYT article)

Visualizing Slavery (map - takes a long time to load!)


Conrad and Meyer, "Economics of Slavery in the South"

Yasuba, "Profitability of Slavery"

"American Slavery: Following the Money"

Another review of "Following the Money"

The Compromise of 1850: Strengthening the Fugitive Slave Act


Highly recommended: John Burt, Lincoln's Tragic Pragmatism

Some relevant articles of Professor Burt's are linked here.

An especially useful review from the NY Times