A Project of the Robert H. Gore, Jr. Numismatic Endowment
University of Notre Dame, Department of Special Collections
by Louis Jordan (questions answered)

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James C. Spilman and the Colonial Newsletter Foundation


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Money Substitutes
Coins Produced in the Colonies to 1750
Coins Imported into the Colonies to 1750
Spanish Coinage Circulating in the Colonies
Dutch Coinage Circulating in the Colonies
British Coinage Circulating in the Colonies
French Issues for New World Colonies
Late Colonial Coppers
Revolutionary War Era Coinage
The American Coins of 1783
Confederation Era Private Coppers 1785-1787
Confederation Patterns 1785-1787
Republic and State Coppers
(VT, CT, NJ, MA)
Fugio Federal Contract Coppers 1787
New York Private Issues 1786-1787
Imitation British Coppers Made in North America
British West Indies Coppers
Post Confederation Local Issues
Post Confederation Imports
Washington Tokens
Us Mint Provisional Issues of 1792

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