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Here are some slides where I discuss the paper "The Sources of Capital Misallocation" by Joel David and
Venky Venkateswaran at the EF&G Spring meeting in San Francisco. Topic: the "art" of
moment matching in limited-complexity quantitative macro.

Here is my interview with FAZIT / Gerald Braunberger on old German Economics Idiosyncracies, the
Bremen and Berlin Keynesianism.

Here are the slides for a keynote Macroeconomics in Crisis since the Crisis?
I gave at the 2018 22nd FMM Conference in Berlin. Here is a link to the video of the talk, and here
a link to the video of the panel discussion afterwards.

Here are my summarized remarks for the Notre Dame Flash Panel on Lessons from Chemnitz: Right-Wing
Radicalism in Europe Today. Reporting from the ND Observer here.

Here are the slides for a keynote Expectations Are Observables. And We Haven’t Even Started Yet . . .
I gave at the 2017 CESifo conference on Survey Data and Macroeconomics.

Here is my interview with FAZIT / Gerald Braunberger on EJMR and Sexism in Economics.

I am honored to have been the keynote speaker in the first panel of the Handelsblatt/Stifterverband
conference on Popular Press Ökonomie Neu Denken. My topic was: Die Zukunft der Makroökonomik –
statt Revolution (the future of macroeconomics - evolution instead of revolution).
Here is a video link. Here the pdf slides.

Here is my interview with FAZIT / Gerald Braunberger on Greece and German vs. Anglo-Saxon
economics / economists.

Here is my Forschungs und Lehre Artikel "Professor ist Professor" on the US-German differences in
academic careers in Economics. Here is an extended version of this article.

Here is the seventh installment of my (irregular) FAZIT column (in German, it's called Konferenzgeflüster).
The idea: I regularly go to a few conferences every year and I hear so much good and interesting
new research that likely will never be seen by a general audience, even though it might be interesting
to the interested public at large. I figured: why not briefly talk about it with one of the excellent
FAZIT journalists? There is just too much bad reporting about what allegedly economists do and how
they allegedly worship a certain political and social ideology, so that I hope to give the general public
a better glimpse
at least into what academic economists are really doing.
Extra kudos to FAZIT which currently seems to be the only German media outlet where
one can have a serious and non-ideological discussion on Economics as an academic discipline.
The earlier installments can be found here, here, here, here, here and

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