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The Impact of Business and Industry

Development of the Role of Principal

Development of the Role of Superintendent of Schools

A Lyme, Connecticut, Recommendation for a Teaching Position, 1817

An Old Lyme, Connecticut, Teaching Certificate, 1889

Division of the School into Grades

The High School: Successor to the Grammar School and Academy

The N.E.A. Committee of Ten

The Plessy v. Ferguson Case, 1896

The Formation of the American Federation of Teachers (AFT)

The Cardinal Principles of Secondary Education

The Chautauqua Movement

The Original Chautauqua

Jane Addams and the Founding of Hull House

Development of Manual Training

A political cartoon from about 1900 favoring practical learning

Physical education in the Progressive Era (outdoors)

Physical education in the Progressive Era (indoors)

Cover from a Progressive Era 3rd Reader

Immigrant education about 1900

A classroom on the Lower East side in New York City

Child Labor: a boy working in a factory

Child Labor: a demonstration by children

Child Labor: children doing agricultural work in the South

Recess at a Rural One-room School

A One-room Sod School on the Nebraska Frontier