Remote Access Instructions

Off-Campus Access

If you are attempting to connect from off-campus, you must first connect to the Campus VPN. Then, continue with the appropriate instructions below.

From a Linux or Macintosh Machine

Open up a terminal window:
  • Mac: Applications->Utilities->Terminal.
  • Linux: Try Applications->Accessories->Terminal, but this may vary.
  • You should recognize the terminal as being similar to the one you used in lab.

    Type:  ssh <yourNetId>@<server>

    (see below for more explanation). Hit enter, type your ND password and you're in!

    From a ND Windows Machine

    Go to Start->All Programs->PuTTY->PuTTY, enter the hostname into the dialog, then click "Open".

    You should now see a screen similar to the one you used in lab. Type in your ND netid and password, and you are good to go!

    From Your Own Windows Machine

    You will need to download a program called PuTTY. Google it, find a download link, and get the 'putty.exe' executable.

    For All Platforms

    The machines/servers available for remote access to all students registered in this class are:

  • student[00-02]
  • remote[300-308]
  • Win: using putty, just enter the machine name; you can configure the settings to your preference, and save them.

    Mac: open a terminal, and ssh to a machine;
    example:  ssh

    If you're logged in to a machine, and want to connect to another machine, you would also use ssh. If you are connecting as the same user, you do not need to specify it.
    example:  ssh

    Happy Programming!