Ronald Scott Coppersmith Research Engineer


Mr. Coppersmith received his B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering (1987) from Michigan Technological University. From 1988 -1991 he worked for Chrysler Motors in Auburn Hills , MI as a Contract Project Engineer in the Powertrain and Chassis Controls Group working with engine control software calibration, variable-damped suspension and speed-proportional steering systems. In 1991, he became the ENCO Systems Applications Engineer for North America to assist their customers designing Philips optical devices into high-end audio and jukebox components. During that time, he received a design patent (DES. 355,656) for an audio mixer design for use as a home Karaoke system component. In 1993 Mr. Coppersmith joined Allied Signal Corporation to be an on-site ABS brake electronic control unit (ECU) Engineer at Chrysler corporation back in the Chassis Controls Group. He went on to hold various positions at Allied Signal and then Bosch Braking systems including Staff Engineer, Test Engineer, Senior Engineer, and Senior Engineering Supervisor for Medium/Heavy Truck Braking Systems.

Mr. Coppersmith has worked with automotive product design from concept through production, waranty analysis and supplier interfacing. He helped Robert Bosch LLC through the process of QS9000/ISO9001 registration and certification, participated on several global design teams, coordinated FMEA, DRBFM, and design validation (DV/PV) activities and testing, along with Kaizen, six-sigma, and other structured problem solving activities until 2010, when Robert Bosch LLC chose to leave the South Bend, IN area.

Mr. Coppersmith joined the Civil Engineering and Geological Sciences department under Dr. Joe Fernando in 2010 as Research Engineer to help the department build a state-of-the-art Environmental Fluid Dynamics laboratory and assist the students, faculty, and visiting researchers with their projects.

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Contact Information Office: Fitzpatrick Hall A59C
Phone: 574-631-0447
Email: RScott.Coppersmith.1(at)
Research Areas Environmental fluid dynamics and hydraulics; Electro-Mechanical Systems Modelling; alternative energy sources; High voltage plasma; Inertial Electrostatic Confinement Fusion
Engineering Specialties Applications of Electro-Mechanical and Embedded Systems; Instrumentation and Signal Conditioning; Embedded C Programming; Web Design; AutoCad; OrCad; PSpice; Delphi
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