Gabriel Said Reynolds

Professor of Islamic Studies and Theology





University of Notre Dame

Notre Dame, IN 46530

tel.: 1.574.631.5138

twitter: @GabrielSaidR


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Articles (For updated publications see my academia page here)

* 'Minding Scripture' podcast

Where divine scripture and human reason meet. A podcast from Notre Dame Theology featuring leading intellectuals discussing the Bible and the Qur'an.


* Notre Dame Program in World Religions World Church

The University of Notre Dame's program in the Department of Theology dedicated to the study of global religion and the global church - offers Ph.D. and M.T.S. programs and runs a series of conferences and publications.


* The International Qurʾanic Studies Association (IQSA):

The first learned society dedicated to the study of the Qurʾan.


* The Qurʾan Seminar:

A year-long project with 28 international researchers dedicated to a collaborative commentary on 50 central passages of the Qurʾan.



* 2nd International Notre Dame Conference 'The Qurʾan in Its Historical Context' (April 2009)

* conference website

* New York Times article on the conference


* Luce article on my research in Jerusalem and Beirut



* Allah: God in the Qurʾan


* The Qurʾan and the Bible


* The Emergence of Islam


* The Qurʾan Seminar Commentary (open access)


* New Perspectives on the Qurʾan: The Qurʾān in Its Historical Context 2 (edited)


* The Qurʾan and Its Biblical Subtext


* (with Samir Khalil Samir) ʿAbd al-Jabbār, The Critique of Christian Origins (edited, translated, and annotated; parallel Arabic/English text)


* The Qurʾan in Its Historical Context (edited)


* A Muslim Theologian in the Sectarian Milieu

* Noah's Lost Son in the Qurʾan, Arabica 64 (2017), 129-48.


* Review of The History of the Qurʾān


* 'Variant Readings: The Birmingham Qurʾan in the Context of Debate on Islamic Origins.'


* On the Presentation of Christianity in the Qurʾan and the Many Aspects of Qurʾanic Rhetoric, al-Bayān 12 (2014), 42-54.


* The Devil They Know, Commonweal.


* The Qurʾan and the Apostles of Jesus, BSOAS 76 (2013), 1-19.


* On the Qurʾan and the Theme of Jews as Killers of the Prophets, al-Bayān 10 (2012), 9-34.


* On the Qurʾan's ʾida Passage and the Wanderings of the Israelites. The Coming of the Comforter, 91-108.


* French language article on the 'problem of chronology' in the Qurʾan.


* On the Qurʾanic Accusation of Scriptural Falsification (tarīf) and Christian anti-Jewish Polemic, JAOS 130 (2010), 1-14.


* The Muslim Jesus: Dead or Alive? BSOAS 72 (2009), 237-58.