The University of Notre Dame (photo by Michael Fernandes)



Jesus Christ Seminar: THEO 83805

Inquiring into both the Catholic and Protestant traditions, the participants in this doctoral seminar analyze and evaluate the issues and developments in Christology from the Enlightenment to today. They study primary texts, e.g. by Kant, Schleiermacher, and Guardini in light of critical commentaries such as John Macquarrie’s Jesus Christ in Modern Thought (1990).

At the same time, each participant studies the Christological texts of one major theologian, whom the participant selects. Participants may choose the Christological writings of a theologian in the Catholic, Orthodox, or Protestant traditions. During the semester, each participant gives two presentations in the seminar on this theologian’s Christological writings. At the end of the semester, each participant submits a research paper on the theologian’s Christology. (It is not permissible to take an “incomplete” in this course.)

Participants hold individual meetings with the instructor at the semester’s start, mid-point, and conclusion.