PhD Students

Jared Johnson
Research engineer at the US Army Corps of Engineers in their Environmental Research and Development lab (ERDC). Chitin as an electron donor for wastewater denitrification

Mengfei Li
Assessing the viscoelastic behavior of biofilms via experiments and modeling

Bumkyu Kim
Protozoan predation in biofilms, especially in membrane-aerated biofilms

Sarajane Roenke
Effects of hydroxylamine on nitrifying communities and nitrous oxide emissions

Yanina Nahum
Effects of temperature and hydroxylamine on nitrification and nitrous oxide emissions in biofilms

Marcela Vega
Enhancing microbial perchlorate reduction using perchlorate analogs to select for perchlorate-reducing bacteria.

Post-doctoral researchers

Patricia Perez
Universidad de Cantabria, Spain

MS Students
Meenu Garg
Biofilm photobioreactors based on gas-tranferring membranes

Emily Clements
Effect of heat gradients on nitrifying biofilms

Visiting PhD Students

Minmin Jiang
Guilin University of Technology, China, 8/2017 – present. Modeling and experimental approaches to mitigate pH shifts in denitrifying and perchlorate-reducing MBfR biofilms.

Claudia Sanchez Huerta
KAUST, Saudi Arabia, 6/2017-9/2017, 1/2018 – present. Micropollutant removal in the MABR


Doctoral Students

Fabrizio Sabba (2016). Mechanisms of Nitrous Oxide (N2O) Formation in Biofilm Processes. Current position: Post-doctoral researcher, Northwestern University.

Marcelo Aybar (2016). Mechanisms of Gas Transfer and Biofilm Development in Membrane Aerated Biofilms. Current position: assistant professor at Universidad de Concepcion (Chile).

Yue Wang (2015). Assessing Elemental-Sulfur Based Denitrification as a Biofilm Process.

Juan Pablo Pavissich (2014). Effects of Biofilm Morphological and Mechanical Heterogeneity on Treatment Systems: an Assessment via Experiments and Modeling. Current Position: Assistant Professor at Universidad Adolfo Ibañez (Chile).

Kelly Martin. (May 2013). Effect of Counter-Diffusion, Fluid Dynamics, and Biofilm Morphology on Membrane-Supported Biofilms. Current Position: Engineer, Black & Veatch, Kansas City, MS.

Brenda Read-Daily (2011). Nitrous Oxide Formation and Consumption by Denitrifying Bacteria in Wastewater Treatment. Current Position: Associate Professor, Elizabethtown University, Elizabethtown, PA

Caitlyn Shea Butler. (2009). Fundamental and Applied Studies of Microbial Fuel Cells for Sustainable Water and Wastewater Treatment. Current position: Associate Professor at University of Massachusetts at Amherst, Amherst MA.

Leon Downing (2008). The Hybrid Membrane Biofilm Process: A Novel System for Achieving Nitrogen Removal from Wastewater. Current position: Principal Process and Innovation Leader, Black & Veatch, Madison, WI

Masters Students

Lara Grotz (2018). Enhancing Nitrification Fluxes in MABRs: Modeling and Experimental Approaches. Current position: ENFOCUS, South Bend, IN

Andrew DeVries (2016). Feasibility of Sulfite-Based Autotrophic Denitrification for Wastewater Treatment. Currently with Carollo Engineers.

Sam Bruce (2015). Effect of Floc Size on Selection of Phosphate-Accumulating Organisms (PAOs) in Wastewater Treatment Systems without a Strictly Anaerobic Zone. Currently with AECOM.

Brenda Read-Daily (2007). Stimulating Denitrification in Agricultural Headwater Streams using Elemental Sulfur.

Margaret Dudley (2007). Microbial Ecology of Perchlorate-Reducing Bacteria that Accumulate High Levels of Chlorate.

Anna Salamone (2006). Kinetics of a Perchlorate-Reducing Bacterium that Accumulates High Levels of Chlorate