University of Notre Dame Commencement Speakers
 (an unofficial list researched, compiled, and maintained by Richard Nimtz) last update    3/10/24 17:21
president venue # year speaker known for date notes source LAETARE MEDAL Notes
    182nd 2027     May 14, 2027        
    181st 2026     May 17, 2026        
R. Dowd   180th 2025     May 18, 2025        
J. Jenkins Stadium 179th 2024 John I. Jenkins (ND '76 & '78) University of Notre Dame President 2005-2024 May 19, 2024   ND Press Release 2024 Claire Babineaux-Fontenot, CEO of Feeding America ND Press release
J. Jenkins Stadium 178th 2023 Juan Manuel Santos Nobel Peace Prize recipient and former president of Colombia May 21, 2023   ND Press Release 2023 Sister Rosemary Connelly, R.S.M., former executive director of Misericordia and lifelong advocate for individuals with developmental disabilities. ND Press release
J. Jenkins Stadium 177th 2022 Borys Gudziak The highest-ranking Ukrainian Catholic prelate in the United States and organizer and president of Ukrainian Catholic University (UCU) May 15, 2022   ND Press Release 2022 Sharon Lavigne, an environmental justice activist. ND Press release
J. Jenkins Stadium 176th 2021 Jimmy Dunne (ND '78) Vice chairman and senior managing principal of Piper Sandler. He was one of the founders of Sandler O’Neill + Partners, L.P. May 16, 2021   ND Press Release 2021 Carla Harris, vice chairman of wealth management and senior client adviser at Morgan Stanley - as well as a celebrated gospel singer, speaker and author ND Press release
J. Jenkins Online Only 175th 2020 Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew Orthodox Archbishop of Constantinople-New Rome and Ecumenical Patriarch May 17, 2020 Online only commencement press release ND Press Release 2020 Kathleen McChesney, former FBI executive assistant director and a leading expert in addressing the Catholic Church's sexual abuse and coverup crisis ND Press release
J. Jenkins Stadium 174th 2019 Peggy Noonan Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist for the Wall Street Journal, speechwrite for President Ronald Reagan May 19, 2019   ND Press Release 2019 Norman Francis, president of Xavier University ND Press release
J. Jenkins Stadium 173rd 2018 Sergio Moro Brazilian judge, a leader in his country's anti-corruption movement May 20, 2018   ND Press Release 2018 Sister Norma Pimentel, M.J., executive director of Catholic Charities of the Rio Grande Valley ND press release
J. Jenkins Stadium 172nd 2017 Mike Pence US Vice President, fmr Indiana Governer May 21, 2017   ND Press Release 2017 Rev. Gregory J. Boyle, S.J., founder of Homeboy Industries ND press release
J. Jenkins Stadium 171st 2016 Gen. Martin E. Dempsey (retired) chaiman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (2011-2015) May 15, 2016   ND Press Release 2016 Joseph Biden & John Boehner  
J. Jenkins Stadium 170th 2015 Christopher Patten Chancellor, Oxford University May 17, 2015 2015 schedule 2015 Commencement Speakers 2015 Aaron Neville, four-time Grammy Award-winning singer and musician 2015 Commencement Speakers
J. Jenkins Stadium 169th 2014 Reverend Ray Hammond II Harvard-trained surgeon, community leader, and founder and pastor of Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Boston. (Previously announced speaker, Christopher Patten, chancellor of Oxford declined the invitation to speak due to health reasons.) May 18, 2014   ND Press Release 2014 Kenneth R. Miller, professor of biology at Brown University  
J. Jenkins Stadium 168th 2013 Cardinal Timothy Dolan Catholic archbishop of New York and president of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops May 19, 2013   Cardinal Dolan, archbishop of NY- southbendtribune.pdf 2013 Sister Susanne Gallagher, S.P., Sister Mary Therese Harrington, S.H. & Rev. James McCarthy, founders of the Special Religious Education Development Network  
J. Jenkins Stadium 167th 2012 Haley Scott DeMaria (ND '95) University of Notre Dame alumna injured in a tragic 24 Jan 1992 bus accident involving the Fighting Irish swimming team. She has told her story in a book, "What Though the Odds: Haley Scott's Journey". May 20, 2012   ND Press Release 2012 Ken Hackett, former president Catholic Relief Services
J. Jenkins Stadium 166th 2011 Robert M. Gates U.S. Secretary of Defense May 22, 2011   [ND PR 20110126] 2011 Sister Mary Scullion, R.S.M., and Joan McConnon, co-founders of Project H.O.M.E. Notre Dame press release
J. Jenkins Stadium 165th 2010 Brian Williams NBC TV journalist May 16, 2010 stadium venue planned [ND PR 20100114] 2010 Dana Gioia, poet and former chairman of the National Endowment for the Arts  
J. Jenkins Joyce Center 164th 2009 Barack H. Obama US President May 17, 2009   [ND PR 20090320] 2009 Mary Ann Glendon, former U.S. ambassador to the Vatican (declined award) | Judge John T. Noonan Jr., the 1984 recipient of the Laetare Medal, will deliver an address this year. Notre Dame press release
J. Jenkins Joyce Center 163rd 2008 Cardinal Theodore McCarrick archbishop emeritus of Washington, D.C. May 18, 2008   [WNDU 20080403] 2008 Martin Sheen, Human Rights Activist  
J. Jenkins Joyce Center 162nd 2007 Jeffrey Immelt CEO General Electric May 20, 2007   [OBS 20070518] 2007 Patrick F. McCartan, chairman emeritus of the University of Notre Dame’s Board of Trustees  
J. Jenkins Joyce Center 161st 2006 Mary McAleese President of Ireland May 21, 2006   [OBS 20060519] 2006 Dave Brubeck, jazz musician  
E. Malloy Joyce Center 160th 2005 Vartan Gregorian President, Carnegie Corporation of New York May 15, 2005   [OBS 20050513] 2005 Dr. Joseph E. Murray, surgeon  
E. Malloy Joyce Center 159th 2004 Justice Alan C. Page (ND '67) Minnesota Supreme Court Justice & fmr ND & Minn Viking football player May 16, 2004   [OBS 20040514] 2004 Rev. J. Bryan Hehir , theologian  
E. Malloy Joyce Center 158th 2003 Sen. Richard Lugar Chairman of the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations May 18, 2003   [OBS 20030320] 2003 Peter and Margaret O’Brien Steinfels, editors of Commonweal  
E. Malloy Joyce Center 157th 2002 Tim Russert journalist & moderator of "Meet the Press," (replaced Vicente Fox, President of Mexico, as speaker) May 19, 2002   [ND PR 20020429] 2002 Rev. John P. Smyth, executive director of Maryville Academy  
E. Malloy Joyce Center 156th 2001 George W. Bush US President May 20, 2001   [ND PR 20010513] 2001 Msgr. George G. Higgins, labor priest  
E. Malloy Joyce Center 155th 2000 Kofi Annan UN Secretary General May 21, 2000 [ND PR 20010513] 2000 Andrew J. McKenna, chairman of the University of Notre Dame’s Board of Trustees  
E. Malloy Joyce Center 154th 1999 Elizabeth Dole former president of the American Red Cross, fmr Sec of Transportation, and Sec of Labor May 16, 1999   [ND PR 20010513] 1999 J. Philip Gleason, historian  
E. Malloy Joyce Center 153rd 1998 Joseph Kernan (ND '68) Indiana Lt. Gov., Viet Nam war Ex-POW May 17, 1998   [SBT] 1998 Dr. Edmund D. Pellegrino, doctor  
E. Malloy Joyce Center 152nd 1997 Mark Shields (ND '59) Syndicated columnist and political analyst May 18, 1997   [ND PR 20010513] 1997 Rev. Virgil Elizondo, theologian  
E. Malloy Joyce Center 151st 1996 Mary Ann Glendon Professor of Law at Harvard University, Vatican representative to the international 1995 Beijing Conference on Women May 19, 1996   [SBT], [GO FORTH] 1996 Sister Helen Prejean, C.S.J., social activist  
E. Malloy Joyce Center 150th 1995 Condoleezza Rice (ND '85-MS) Provost, Stanford Univ. May 21, 1995   [SBT] 1995 Cardinal Joseph Bernardin, Archbishop of Chicago  
E. Malloy Joyce Center 149th 1994 Albert Reynolds Irish Taoiseach May 15, 1994   [SBT] 1994 Sidney Callahan, psychologist and author  
E. Malloy Joyce Center 148th 1993 Tom Brokaw TV journalist May 16, 1993   [SBT] 1993 Donald R. Keough, chairman emeritus of the University of Notre Dame’s Board of Trustees  
E. Malloy Joyce Center 147th 1992 George H.W. Bush US President May 18, 1992   [SBT] 1992 Daniel Patrick Moynihan, United States Senator  
E. Malloy Joyce Center 146th 1991 Margaret O'Brien Steinfels editor of Commonweal magazine May 19, 1991   [NYT 19910520] 1991 Corinne C. “Lindy” Boggs, former United States Congresswoman  
E. Malloy Joyce Center 145th 1990 Bill Cosby comedian, actor and producer May 20, 1990   [SBT], [GO FORTH] 1990 Sister Thea Bowman, Gospel singer and evangelist  
E. Malloy Joyce Center 144th 1989 Peter Ueberroth 6th commissioner of Major League Baseball May 21, 1989   [SBT] 1989 Walker Percy, novelist  
E. Malloy Joyce Center 143rd 1988 Andrew Young Atlanta Mayor, UN Ambassador May 15, 1988   [SBT] 1988 Eunice Kennedy Shriver, humanitarian  
T. Hesburgh Joyce Center 142nd 1987 Derek Bok President, Harvard University May 17, 1987   [SBT] 1987 Rev. Theodore M. Hesburgh, C.S.C., educator  
T. Hesburgh ACC 141st 1986 Bishop James W. Malone Bishop of Youngstown and president, US Catholic Conference May 18, 1986   [SBT], [GO FORTH] 1986 Thomas P. and Mary Elizabeth Carney, chairman of the University of Notre Dame’s Board of Trustees and spouse  
T. Hesburgh ACC 140th 1985 Jose Napoleon Duarte (ND '48) El Salvador president May 19, 1985   [SBT] 1985 Guido Calabresi, dean of Yale University Law School  
T. Hesburgh ACC 139th 1984 Loret M. Ruppe Peace Corps Director May 20, 1984   [SBT] 1984 John Noonan, legal scholar  
T. Hesburgh ACC 138th 1983 Joseph Cardinal Bernardin Archbishop of Chicago May 15, 1983   [SBT] 1983 Edmund A. and Evelyn Stephan, chairman emeritus of the University of Notre Dame’s Board of Trustees and spouse  
T. Hesburgh ACC 137th 1982 Pierre Trudeau Canadian Prime Minister May 16, 1982   [SBT] 1982 Cardinal John Francis Dearden, retired Archbishop of Detroit  
T. Hesburgh ACC 136th 1981 Ronald W. Reagan US President May 17, 1981   [SBT] 1981 Edmund S. Muskie, former United States Senator and Secretary of State  
T. Hesburgh ACC 135th 1980 Benjamin R. Civiletti Attorney General of the US May 18, 1980   [SBT] 1980 Thomas P. “Tip” O’Neill, Jr., Speaker of the House  
T. Hesburgh ACC 134th 1979 Joseph A. Califano, Jr. Secretary of Health, Education, and Welfare May 19, 1979   [SBT] 1979 Helen Hayes, actress  
T. Hesburgh ACC 133rd 1978 William F. Buckley, Jr. editor of "The National Review," author and commentator May 21, 1978   [SBT], [GO FORTH] 1978 Msgr. John Tracy Ellis, historian  
T. Hesburgh ACC 132nd 1977 Jimmy E. Carter US President May 22, 1977   [SBT] 1977 Mike Mansfield, United States Senator  
T. Hesburgh ACC 131st 1976 Vernon Jordan, Jr. Director, Urban League May 16, 1976   [SBT] 1976 Paul Horgan, author  
T. Hesburgh ACC 130th 1975 Alan Pifer president of the Carnegie Corporation of New York May 18, 1975   [SBT] 1975 Sister Ann Ida Gannon, B.V.M., educator  
T. Hesburgh ACC 129th 1974 Rosemary Park UCLA Professor of Education & Notre Dame Trustee May 19, 1974   [ND PR 20010513], [SBT], [GO FORTH] 1974 James A. Farley, business executive and former Postmaster General  
T. Hesburgh ACC 128th 1973 Malcolm Moos Univ of Minn President May 20, 1973   [The Vidette-Messenger (Valparaiso, IN) May 21, 1973; pg 11] 1973 Rev. John A. O’Brien, author  
T. Hesburgh ACC 127th 1972 Kingman Brewster, Jr Yale president May 21, 1972   [ND PR 20010513], [The Bridgeport Telegram, May 22, 1972; pg 15, Bridgeport CT] 1972 Dorothy Day, founder of the Catholic Worker Movement, journalist and author  
T. Hesburgh ACC 126th 1971 Dr. Kenneth Keniston Professor of Psychiatry, Yale School of Medicine. Speech: "The Agony of Counter Culture" May 23, 1971   [SBT], [The Vidette-Messenger (Valparaiso, IN May 24, 1971; pg 2] 1971 Walter Kerr, drama critic, and Jean Kerr, author  
T. Hesburgh ACC 125th 1970 Dr. James E. Allen Jr US Commissioner of Education June 7, 1970   [Anderson Daily Bulletin, May 27, 1970; Anderson, IN; pg 13] 1970 Dr. William B. Walsh, physician  
T. Hesburgh ACC 124th 1969 Daniel Patrick Moynihan President Richard Nixon's urban affairs adviser June 1, 1969 First graduation held in ACC. [Anderson Daily Bulletin, May 3, 1969; Anderson, IN; pg 3] 1969 William J. Brennan, Jr., jurist and Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States  
T. Hesburgh Mall 123rd 1968 Dr. James A. Perkins president of Cornell University June 2, 1968   [Anderson Daily Bulletin, May 9, 1968; Anderson, IN; pg 7], [SBT] 1968 Sargent Shriver, diplomat  
T. Hesburgh Mall 122nd 1967 Eugene McCarthy US Senator from Minnesota June 4, 1967   [ND PR 20010513], [Anderson Daily Bulletin, May 10, 1967; Anderson, IN; pg 7], [SBT] 1967 J. Peter Grace, industrialist  
T. Hesburgh Mall 121st 1966 Barbara Ward  British economist June 5, 1966 The first woman to serve as the principal Commencement Speaker [The Vidette-Messenger (Valparaiso, IN) Jun 6, 1966; pg 2], [Chicago Tribune; Jun 6, 1966; pg 14], [SBT] 1966 Mr. and Mrs. Patrick F. Crowley, founders of The Christian Family Movement  
T. Hesburgh Mall 120th 1965 McGeorge Bundy United States National Security Advisor June 6, 1965   [Chicago Tribune; May 20, 1965; pg A9], [Chicago Tribune; Jun 7, 1965; pg B2], [SBT] 1965 Frederick D. Rossini, scientist  
T. Hesburgh Fieldhouse 119th 1964 Thomas Mann Ass't Sec of State for Inter-Am Affs June 7, 1964   [SBT] 1964 Phyllis McGinley, poet  
T. Hesburgh Mall 118th 1963 Lester Pearson Canadian Prime Minister June 9, 1963 Last person born in the 19th Century to be Commencent Speaker [ND PR 20010513], [SBT] 1963 Admiral George W. Anderson, Jr., Chief of Naval operations  
T. Hesburgh Mall 117th 1962 Henry Cabot Lodge, Jr. US Senator, former ambassador to the UN June 3, 1962   [ND PR 20010513], [SBT], [GO FORTH] 1962 Francis J. Braceland, M.D., psychiatrist  
T. Hesburgh Mall 116th 1961 R. Sargent Shriver director of the Peace Corps June 4, 1961   [ND PR 20010513], [SBT] 1961 John F. Kennedy, President of the United States  
T. Hesburgh Mall 115th 1960 Dwight D. Eisenhower US President June 5, 1960   [ND PR 20010513], [SBT] 1960 George N. Shuster, educator  
T. Hesburgh Stadium 114th 1959 John A. McCone chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission June 7, 1959   [SBT] 1959 Robert D. Murphy, diplomat  
T. Hesburgh Drill Hall 113th 1958 James P. Mitchell Secretary of Labor June 8, 1958 scheduled to be in the stadium, moved to Drill Hall because of rain [SBT] 1958 Frank M. Folsom, industrialist  
T. Hesburgh Stadium 112th 1957 Earl Warren Chief Justice of the United States June 2, 1957   [SBT] 1957 Clare Boothe Luce, diplomat  
T. Hesburgh Stadium 111th 1956 Admiral Arleigh A. Burke Chief of Naval Operations June 3, 1956   [SBT] 1956 General Alfred M. Guenther, soldier  
T. Hesburgh outdoors 110th 1955 Herbert Brownell Attorney General of the US June 5, 1955   [SBT] 1955 George Meany, labor leader  
T. Hesburgh Stadium 109th 1954 James R. Killian, Jr. President, M.I.T. June 6, 1954   [SBT] 1954 Jefferson Caffery, diplomat  
T. Hesburgh Stadium 108th 1953 Dr. Detlev Wulf Bronk President of Johns Hopkins University June 7, 1953   [SBT] 1953 I.A. O’Shaughnessy, philanthropist  
J. J. Cavanaugh Stadium 107th 1952 Charles Malik Minister of Lebanon to the US, chairman of the Commission on Human Rights of the UN June 1, 1952 "The American Question" [SBT], [GO FORTH] 1952 Thomas E. Murray, member U.S. Atomic Energy Commission  
J. J. Cavanaugh Drill Hall 106th 1951 Francis P. Matthews US Secretary of the Navy June 3, 1951 scheduled to be in the stadium, moved to Drill Hall because of rain [SBT] 1951 John Henry Phelan, philanthropist  
J. J. Cavanaugh Stadium 105th 1950 John Joseph Hearne Ireland's first ambassador to the US June 4, 1950   [SBT] 1950 General Joseph L. Collins, soldier  
J. J. Cavanaugh Stadium 104th 1949 John S. Burke President of B. Altman & Co., a New York Department store June 6, 1949 First outdoor commencement since 1925, first ever held in ND football stadium [SBT] 1949 Irene Dunne, actress  
J. J. Cavanaugh Drill Hall 103rd 1948 Paul G. Hoffmann Administrator of the Economic Cooperation Administration and former chairman of the Studebaker Corporation June 6, 1948   [SBT] 1948 Frank C. Walker, Postmaster General and civic leader  
J. J. Cavanaugh Drill Hall 102nd 1947 Gen. George C. Kenney Commanding General of the Strategic Air Command June 1, 1947   [SBT] 1947 William G. Bruce, publisher and civic leader  
Hugh O'Donnell Drill Hall 101st 1946 George E. Sokolsky Newspaper Columnist from New York June 30, 1946   [SBT] 1946 Carlton J. H. Hayes, historian and diplomat  
Hugh O'Donnell   100th 1945 Rev. Phillip S. Moore, C.S.C. Dean of the Graduate School June 22, 1945 SBT does not mention commencement except Navy Ensigns. [SBT], [GO FORTH], [Chicago Daily Tribune; Jun 23, 1945; pg. 13] 1945 G. Howland Shaw, diplomat  
Hugh O'Donnell   99th 1944 Rev. Thomas J. Brennan, C.S.C. Professor of Philosophy   SBT showed mass outside military honor door of SH Cathedral 28-May-44. Mention navy men not there because of baccalaureate. Not sure if there was commencement this year or not. [SBT], [GO FORTH] 1944 Anne O’Hare McCormick, journalist  
Hugh O'Donnell     1943/44 Hon. Harry F. Kelly '17 Governor of Michigan   SBT does not mention commencement [GO FORTH]    
Hugh O'Donnell   98th 1943 Rev. Arthur J. Hope, C.S.C. author and editor     [GO FORTH] 1943 Thomas Francis Woodlock, editor  
Hugh O'Donnell univ gym 98th 1942 J. Edgar Hoover FBI Director May 10, 1942   [ND PR 20010513], [Chicago Daily Tribune; May 17, 1942. p. W3 (1 page)], [The Washington Post; May 11, 1942; pg. 7], [SBT] 1942 Helen Constance White, author and teacher  
Hugh O'Donnell univ gym 96th 1941 Joseph P. Kennedy former United States Ambassador to the United Kingdom June 1, 1941 "Conscience, Patriotism, and Freedom of Speech", JFK & RFK father [ND PR 20010513], [GO FORTH], [Los Angeles Times; Jun 2, 1941; p.7], [SBT] 1941 William Thomas Walsh, journalist and author  
Hugh O'Donnell univ gym 95th 1940 D. Worth Clark (ND class of 1922) Senator from Idaho June 2, 1940 First commencement speaker born in the 20th Century. [New York Times; Jun 3, 1940; p.32], [SBT], (Hon. M. L. Duplessis, former premier of Canada, was scheduled to speak, he declined due to the extremely grave internation situation. [Notre Dame Scholastic, V.73, Number 26]) 1940 General Hugh Aloysius Drum, soldier  
John F. O'Hara univ gym 94 1939 William Henry Harrison vice president for American Telephone and Telegraph Co. June 4, 1939   [New York Times; Jun 5, 1939; pg. 13], [SBT] 1939 Josephine Van Dyke Brownson, catechist [Her father received the medal in 1892]  [SBT]
John F. O'Hara univ gym 94th 1938 Terence B. Cosgrove (ND class of 1906) distinguished Los Angeles Attorney June 5, 1938 "Virtue of Industry" [Los Angeles Times; Jun 6, 1938, p.20], [SBT] 1938 Irvin William Abell, surgeon  
John F. O'Hara univ gym 92 1937 Dennis F. Kelly philanthropist, President of The Fair, Chicago department store June 6, 1937   [New York Times; Jun 7, 1937; pg 12], [Chicago Daily Tribune; Jun 7, 1937; pg 17], [GO FORTH] 1937 Jeremiah Denis M. Ford, scholar  
John F. O'Hara univ gym 92nd 1936 Dr William J. Mayo one of the seven founders of the Mayo Clinic June 7, 1936   [Chicago Daily Tribune; Jun 1, 1936; pg 19], [New York Times; Jun 8, 1936; pg 15], [SBT] 1936 Richard Reid, lawyer and journalist  
John F. O'Hara univ gym 91st 1935 Shane Leslie Irish author, dramatist, lecturer June 2, 1935   [New York Times; Jun 3, 1935; pg 22], [Chicago Daily Tribune; Jun 1, 1935; pg 14], [GO FORTH] 1935 Francis Hamilton Spearman, novelist  
John F. O'Hara (acting) univ gym 90th 1934 Frank C. Walker (ND Law 1909) Executive Director of the National Emergency Council June 3, 1934 C.L. O'Donnell died 4 Jun 1934 [New York Times; Jun 4, 1934; pg 11], [SBT] 1934 Genevieve Garvan Brady, philanthropist  
C. L. O'Donnell univ gym 89th 1933 Paul V. McNutt Indiana Governor June 4, 1933   [New York Times); Jun 5, 1933; pg4], [SBT] 1933 John McCormack, artist  
C. L. O'Donnell   88th 1932 Owen D. Young Chairman of the Board of the General Electric Company June 5, 1932   [New York Times; Jun 6, 1932; pg1] 1932 Stephen J. Maher, physician  
C. L. O'Donnell univ gym 87th 1931 Angus D. McDonald (ND baseball & football player) President of Southern Pacific Railway's Louisiana and Texas Division June 7, 1931 [New York Times; Jun 7, 1931; pg N6], [Chicago Daily Tribune; Jun 5, 1931; pg 4], [SBT] 1931 James J. Phelan, businessman  
C. L. O'Donnell univ gym 86th 1930 Claude G. Bowers American writer, Democratic politician June 1, 1930   [Chicago Daily Tribune; Jun 2, 1930; pg 37], [SBT] 1930 Frederick Philip Kenkel, publicist  
C. L. O'Donnell univ gym 85th 1929 William J. Donovan Political Figure, Lawyer, Soldier awarded the Medal of Honor in WW I June 2, 1929 "Science, Civilization, and the Individual" [GO FORTH], [SBT] 1929 Alfred Emmanuel Smith, statesman  
M. Walsh univ gym 84th 1928 Francis O'Shaughnessy (ND Law 1900) Chicago Attorney, ND class of 1900 June 3, 1928   [Chicago Daily Tribune; Jun 3, 1928; pg 25], SBT] 1928 John Johnson Spalding, lawyer  
M. Walsh univ gym 83rd 1927 Aldred J. Talley judge on the circuit court of appeals of New York City June 5, 1927   [SBT] 1927 Margaret Anglin, actress  
M. Walsh Main Quad then Church 82nd 1926 Judge Dudley G. Wooten professor in Hoynes College of Law at the University of Notre Dame June 13, 1926 commencement began on the quad then moved to Sacred Heart Church due to rain [SBT] 1926 Edward Nash Hurley, businessman  
M. Walsh Main Bldg Quad 81st 1925 Edmond H. Moore Democratic National Committee member, lawyer from Youngstown, Ohio June 14, 1925   [GO FORTH], [SBT] 1925 Albert Francis Zahm, scientist  
M. Walsh   80th 1924 Woodbridge N. Ferris educator, Senator from Michigan June 15, 1924   [Chicago Daily Tribune; May 28, 1924; pg 14], [SBT], [SBNT] 1924 Charles D. Maginnis, architect  
M. Walsh Main Bldg Quad 79th 1923 Dr. Lindsey Blayney diplomat, veteran of the world war, educator from Rice Institute in Houston, Texas June 10, 1923 First ever commencement held outdoors at ND. [SBT] 1923 Walter George Smith, lawyer  
J. Burns Washington Hall 78th 1922 Honorable Kickham Scanlan (ND alumnus) Chief Justice of the criminal court of Chicago June 12, 1922   [Fort Wayne (IN) News Sentinel, published as The News-Sentinel; Date: 06-09-1922; Pg: 10], [], [SBNT] 1922 Charles Patrick Neill, economist  
J. Burns Washington Hall 77th 1921 Sen. David I. Walsh Senator, Massachusetts June 13, 1921 commencement address topic "The Need of Christian Education to Stem the Unrest of the Day" [Fort Wayne News Sentinel, published as The News Sentinel; 06-15-1921; Page: 18; Fort Wayne, IN], [SBNT] 1921 Elizabeth Nourse, artist  
  Washington Hall 76th 1920 Morgan Joseph O'Brien former New York supreme court justice June 15, 1920   [Fort Wayne News Sentinel, published as The Fort Wayne News; Date: 06-14-1920; Page 16; Fort Wayne, Indiana], [Daily Republican, The; June 12, 1920; pg 6; Rushville, Indiana], [SBNT] 1920 Lawrence Francis Flick, physician  
 J. W. Cavanaugh   75th 1919 Right Rev. Mgr. Francis Bickerstaffe-Drew (replaced the scheduled Sen. David I. Walsh from Mass.) Chaplin to the forces of England June 9, 1919   [The Fort Wayne News and Sentinel; Date: 06-12-1919; Page Two; Location: Fort Wayne, Ind], [name and occupation from The Catholics Who's Who & Year Book 1908 By F. C. Burnand, page 30], [SBT] 1919 George L. Duval, philanthropist  
 J. W. Cavanaugh   74th 1918 Edward N. Hurley Chairman of the Shipping Board June 10, 1918 numerous newspaper citations [Philadelphia Inquirer; Date: 06-11-1918; Pg 1; Locatio;: Philadelphia, Penn] 1918 Joseph Scott, lawyer  
 J. W. Cavanaugh   73rd 1917 Rt. Rev. Joseph Chartrand Coadjutor Bishop of Indianapolis   Education’s Grandest Work [GO FORTH] 1917 William Shepherd Benson, admiral and Chief of Naval Operations  
 J. W. Cavanaugh   72nd 1916 Max Pam Founded a school of journalism at the university June 12, 1916 per GO FORTH speaker was Hon. Marcus A. Kavanaugh, Judge of the US District Court of Iowa (further research finds that he was a judge in Chicago) [The Grand Rapids Press; Date: 06-12-1916; Page: 16; Location: Grand Rapids, MI (date)], [Chicago Daily Tribune (1872-1963); Jun 13, 1916; pg. 17], [SBT], [GO FORTH] 1916 James Joseph Walsh, physician and author  
 J. W. Cavanaugh   71st 1915 John F. Fitzgerald former Boston Mayor June 14, 1915 JFK grandfather. [ND PR 20010513], [Duluth News-Tribune, page 8, vol. 47, iss. 37, June 7, 1915, Duluth, Minnesota)] 1915 Mary V. Merrick, philanthropist  
 J. W. Cavanaugh   70th 1914 Joseph Ransdell Senator, Louisiana June 15, 1914   [Times Picayune, published as The Weekly Times-Picayune.; 06-18-1914; Page: 3; Location: New Orleans, US], [ND PR 20010513], [The Philadelphia Inquirer; Date 06-21-1914; Vol 170; Issue 172; Page 11; Philadelphia, Penn] 1914 Edward Douglas White, jurist and chief justice of the United States  
 J. W. Cavanaugh   69th 1913 James M. Cox Ohio Governor June 16, 1913   [ND PR 20010513], [Chicago Daily Tribune; Jun 17, 1913; pg. 10; col 3] 1913 Charles B. Herberman, editor-in-chief on the Catholic Encyclopedia  
 J. W. Cavanaugh   68th 1912 Bishop Thomas F. Hickey, D.D. bishop of Rochester, NY June 17, 1912   [Chicago Daily Tribune; Jun 16, 1912; pg. H12], [Chicago Daily Tribune; Jun 18, 1912; pg. 14], [SBT] 1912 Thomas M. Mulry, philanthropist  
 J. W. Cavanaugh Washington Hall 67th 1911 Sir Charles Fitzpatrick Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada June 12, 1911   [Chicago Daily Tribune (1872-1963); Jun 13, 1911; pg. 8], [SBT], [GO FORTH shows Sir Charles as speaker] 1911 Agnes Replier, author  
 J. W. Cavanaugh   66th 1910 Thomas R. Marshall Indiana Governor June 13, 1910   [ND PR 20010513], [Fort Wane Sentinel, June 15, 1910; pg 13] 1910 Maurice Francis Egan, author and diplomat  
 J. W. Cavanaugh   65th 1909 Hannis Taylor former minister to Spain June 17, 1909   [Chicago Daily Tribune (1872-1963); Jun 18, 1909; pg. 10] 1909 Frances Tiernan (Christian Reid), novelist  
 J. W. Cavanaugh   64th 1908 Charles P. Neill commissioner of labor for the United States June 16, 1908   [Chicago Daily Tribune (1872-1963); Jun 14, 1908; pg. A3] 1908 James C. Monaghan, economist  
 J. W. Cavanaugh Washington Hall 63rd 1907 Sir Charles Fitzpatrick Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada June 12, 1907 per GO FORTH speaker was Rev. John Talbot Smith, priest, author, lecturer, New York City [Chicago Daily Tribune (1872-1963); Jun 14, 1907; pg. 4], [SBT], [GO FORTH] 1907 Katherine Eleanor Conway, journalist and author  
 J. W. Cavanaugh   62nd 1906 Rev. D.J. Stafford priest from Washington DC June 13, 1906 "The Catholic Young Man's Civic Duty' [Chicago Daily Tribune (1872-1963); Jun 10, 1906; pg. 2], [Chicago Daily Tribune (1872-1963); Jun 14, 1906; pg. 7], [SBT] 1906 Francis J. Quinlan, physician  
A. Morrissey   61st 1905 Rev. Daniel E. Hudson editor of "The Ave Maria" June 15, 1905 per GO FORTH speaker was Hon. Marcus A. Kavanaugh, judge from Chicago [Chicago Daily Tribune (1872-1963); Jun 12, 1905; pg. 9], [Chicago Daily Tribune (1872-1963); Jun 15, 1905; pg. 4], [GO FORTH] 1905 Thomas B. Fitzpatrick, philanthropist  
A. Morrissey St. Joseph's Hall 60th 1904 Charles Joseph Bonaparte Attorney, Progressive Reformer, member of the Board of Indian Commissioners, Secretary of the Navy June 16, 1904 "Some Thoughts for American Catholics" [ND PR 20010513], [GO FORTH], [Fort Wayne Morning Journal-Gazette; June 12, 1904; pg6; June 15, 1905 pg5] 1904 Richard C. Kerens, diplomat  
A. Morrissey   59th 1903 John Gearin Senator, Oregon 6/18/1903   [ND PR 20010513], [Logansport Reporter | Logansport, Indiana | Friday, June 19, 1903 | Page 5], [Fort Wayne Morning Journal-Gazette; June 14, 1904; pg7] 1903 Charles Jerome Bonaparte, lawyer  
A. Morrissey   58th 1902 William P. Breen, A.B. '77, A.M. '80 lawyer from Fort Wayne, IN 6/18/1902   [Fort Wayne Evening Sentinel; June 20, 1902; pg 10], [GO FORTH] 1902 John Benjamin Murphy, surgeon  
A. Morrissey   57th 1901 Bishop John Shanley Bishop of Fargo, North Dakota 6/12/1901   [Grand Forks Herald, published as Grand Forks Daily Herald; Date: 06-15-1901; Volume: 20; Issue: 193; Page: 3; Location: Grand Forks, North Dakota] [New York Times, July 17, 1909, Saturday, Page 14, 282 words] 1901 William Bourke Cockran, orator  
A. Morrissey Washington Hall 56th 1900 Rt. Rev. John J. Glennon, D.D. bishop of Kansas City, MO 6/13/1900   [Chicago Daily Tribune (1872-1963); Jun 15, 1900; pg 4], [SBT], [Irish World, published as The Irish World And American Industrial Liberator; 06-30-1900; Page: [3]; Location: New York, New York] 1900 John A. Creighton, philanthropist  
A. Morrissey   55th 1899 Rt. Rev. John Lancaster Spalding Bishop of Peoria 6/15/1899   [ND PR 20010513], [Chicago Daily Tribune (1872-1963); Jun 4, 1899; pg. 8] 1899 Mary Gwendolin Caldwell, philanthropist  
A. Morrissey Washington Hall 54th 1898 Rt. Rev. Maurice F. Burke '66 bishop from St. Joseph, MO 6/16/1898   [Fort Wayne Journal | Fort Wayne, Indiana | Friday, June 17, 1898 | Page 2], [Logansport Pharos | Logansport, Indiana | Saturday, June 18, 1898 | Page 3], [SBT] 1898 Timothy Edward Howard, jurist  
A. Morrissey Washington Hall 53rd 1897 Rt. Rev. Mons. Joseph F. Mooney, LL.D. priest of archdiocese of New York City 6/17/1897   [The Denver Evening Post, (Denver, CO) Wednesday, June 16, 1897; pg. 7; col F], [SBT], [GO FORTH] 1897 Thomas Addis Emmet, physician  
A. Morrissey   52nd 1896 Rt. Rev. John Lancaster Spalding Bishop of Peoria 6/18/1896 per GO FORTH speaker was Hon. Thomas A. Moran, Judge, Chicago [The Daily Inter Ocean; Date: 06-20-1896; Volume: XXV; Issue: 88; Page: [10]; Location: Chicago, Illinois], [GO FORTH] 1896 General William Starke Rosecrans, soldier  
A. Morrissey   51st 1895 Rt. Rev. John Lancaster Spalding Bishop of Peoria 6/13/1895   [ND PR 20010513], [The Daily Inter Ocean, (Chicago, IL) Thursday, June 13, 1895; pg. 3; Issue 81; col A] 1895 Mary A. Sadlier, novelist  
A. Morrissey Washington Hall 50th 1894 Rt. Rev. John Lancaster Spalding bishop of Columbus, Ohio 6/21/1894   [Chicago Daily Tribune (1872-1963); Jun 21, 1894; pg. 5] 1894 Augustine Daly, theatrical producer  
A. Morrissey Washington Hall 49th 1893 Msgr. Robert Seton, D.D. of New Jersey 6/20/1893 "The Dignity of Labor" [GO FORTH] , [Chicago Daily Tribune (1872-1963); Jun 21, 1893; pg. 5], [SBT] 1893 Patrick Donohue, founder of the Boston Pilot  
T. Walsh   47 1892 Rt. Rev. J.S. Foley Bishop of Detroit     [Logansport Reporter | Logansport, IN | July 16, 1892 | Page 4 (mentions T. Walsh as president)], [GO FORTH] 1892 Henry F. Brownson, philosopher and author  
T. Walsh   46 1891 Rt. Rev. John Lancaster Spalding Bishop of Peoria 6/23/1891   ND PR 20010513 [Paper: Chicago Herald, published as The Chicago Herald; Date: 06-24-1891; Page: 5; Location: Chicago, Illinois] 1891 Daniel Dougherty, orator  
T. Walsh   45 1890 Rt. Rev. John Lancaster Spalding Bishop of Peoria 6/25/1890   [ND PR 20010513] [The Daily Inter Ocean, (Chicago, IL) Thursday, June 26, 1890; pg. 3; Issue 93; col A] [Rocky Mountain News, (Denver, CO) Monday, June 30, 1890; pg. 4; col B] [St. Paul Daily News (St. Paul, MN), (St. Paul, MN) Wednesday, June 25, 1890; Issue 151; col F] 1890 William J. Onahan, organizer of the American Catholic Congress  
T. Walsh Washington Hall 44 1889 William P. Breen, A.B. '77, A.M. '80 alumnus from Fort Wayne, IN 6/19/1889   [The Daily Inter Ocean, (Chicago, IL) Friday, June 21, 1889; pg. 6; Issue 89; col A], [GO FORTH] 1889 Anna Hansen Dorsey, novelist  
T. Walsh   43 1888 Rev. P.F. Carr Denver, CO     [GO FORTH], [Rocky Mountain News, (Denver, CO) Friday, June 22, 1888; pg. 3; col B] 1888 Patrick V. Hickey, founder and editor of the Catholic Review  
T. Walsh   42 1887 Bishop Gilmour bishop from Cleveland 6/22/1887 per GO FORTH speaker was Wm. H. Johnston, alumnus, East Townsend, Ohio [The Daily Inter Ocean, (Chicago, IL) Sunday, June 12, 1887; pg. 20; Issue 80; col B] [The Daily Inter Ocean, (Chicago, IL) Wednesday, June 22, 1887; pg. 3; Issue 90; col E], [GO FORTH] 1887 Edward Preuss, publicist  
T. Walsh   41 1886 Rt. Rev. John Lancaster Spalding Bishop of Peoria 6/23/1886 "Growth and Duty" [ND PR 20010513], [GO FORTH], [The Daily Inter Ocean, (Chicago, IL) Thursday, June 24, 1886; pg. 5; Issue 92; col D], [The Daily Inter Ocean, (Chicago, IL) Sunday, June 06, 1886; pg. 20; Issue 74; col C] 1886 General John Newton, engineer  
T. Walsh   40 1885 the scheduled speaker, Major General William S. Rosecrans canceled his commitment due to duties in Washington, D.C.   6/24/1885   [Rocky Mountain News, (Denver, CO) Sunday, June 28, 1885; pg. 6; col D (date)], [GO FORTH (speaker)] 1885 Eliza Allen Starr, art critic  
T. Walsh   39 1884 Rt. Rev. Ignacio Montes de Oca y Obregon Bishop of Linares, Mexico 6/25/1884   [Rocky Mountain News, (Denver, CO) Sunday, June 29, 1884; pg. 3; col A (date)], [GO FORTH (speaker)] 1884 Patrick Charles Keeley, architect  
T. Walsh   38 1883 Rt. Rev. John Lancaster Spalding bishop of Columbus, Ohio 6/23/1883   [Rocky Mountain News, (Denver, CO) Tuesday, June 26, 1883; pg. 2; col A], [GO FORTH] 1883 John Gilmary Shea, historian  
T. Walsh   37 1882 Rt. Rev. Francis S. Chatard Bishop of Vincennes 6/22/1882   [The Daily Inter Ocean, (Chicago, IL) Wednesday, June 21, 1882; pg. 7; Issue 79; col C], [GO FORTH]
T. Walsh   36 1881 Hon. W.W. Cleary Covington, KY 6/23/1881 [Washington Hall (bldg next to LaFortune) completed] [The Daily Inter Ocean, (Chicago, IL) Friday, June 24, 1881; Issue 78; col F(date)], [Chicago Daily Tribune (1872-1963); Jun 21, 1881; pg. 6(date)], [GO FORTH (speaker)]
W. Corby   35 1880 Hon. Edmund F. Dunne of Salt Lake City, former Chief Justice of Arizona 6/23/1880   [Chicago Daily; Jun 25, 1880; pg 12], [GO FORTH]
W. Corby     1879 no commencement exercises     4-23-1879 main bldg destroyed by fire [GO FORTH]
W. Corby   34th 1878 Rt. Rev. John Lancaster Spalding Bishop of Peoria 6/25/1878   [ND PR 20010513], [Inter Ocean, (Chicago, IL) Thursday, June 27, 1878; pg. 2; Issue 81; col C]
W. Corby   33rd 1877 Frank H. Hurd U.S. Representative from Ohio 6/27/1877 "Relation of the Catholic Church to American Jurisprudence" [Chicago Daily Tribune (1872-1963); Jun 28, 1877; pg.2]
P. Colovin   32nd 1876 William J. Onahan Catholic activist and businessman from Chicago 6/21/1876 "The Catholic Citizen and the State" [GO FORTH], [Chicago Daily Tribune (1872-1963); Jun 21, 1876; ProQuest Historical Newspapers Chicago Tribune (1849 - 1986) pg. 2]
P. Colovin   31st 1875 J. S. Morris former Attorney General of Mississippi 6/23/1875   [Chicago Daily Tribune (1872-1963); Jun 24, 1875; pg.1]
A. Lemmonier Washington Hall 30th 1874 S. S. Hayes Comptroller of Chicago 6/24/1874   [Chicago Daily Tribune (1872-1963); Jun 25, 1874, pg1(3pp)]
A. Lemmonier   29th 1873 John J. Fitzgibbon editor of the Western Catholic 6/26/1873   [Chicago Daily Tribune; Jun 28, 1873, page 2]
W. Corby   28th 1872 Rt. Rev. Bishop Dwenger D.D. bishop from Fort Wayne 6/25/1872   [Chicago Tribune (1860-1872); Jun 29, 1872; page 2]
W. Corby   27th 1871 Augustus Caesar Dodge one of the first two United States Senators to represent the state of Iowa after it was admitted to the Union as a state 6/21/1871   [Chicago Daily Tribune; Jun 23, 1871; page 2]
W. Corby The Grand Exhibition Hall 26th 1870 Bishop Burgess Indiana 6/22/1870 per GO FORTH speaker was Paul Broder, Professor at Beloit College, Wisconsin [Chicago Tribune (1860-1872); Jun 24, 1870; p 4], [GO FORTH]
W. Corby   25th 1869 Rev. F.P. Boyle of Washington DC 6/23/1869 GO FORTH does not mention a speaker [Chicago Tribune (1860-1872); Jun 24, 1869; pg. 0_4], [Chicago Tribune (1860-1872); Jun 26, 1869; pg. 0_4]
W. Corby   23 1868 Mr. Corcoran editor of "The Cincinnati Telegraph" 6/21/1868 GO FORTH does not mention a speaker [Chicago; Jun 27, 1868; Chicago Tribune; pg. 0_2]
W. Corby   22 1867 T.E. Corcoran editor of "The Cincinnati Telegraph" 6/26/1867   [Chicago; Jun 27, 1867; Chicago Tribune; p01 (date and president)], [GO FORTH (speaker)]
P. Dillon   21 1866       The annual Commencements of Notre Dame and St. Mary's are expected to take place in about four weeks from the present time and it is anticipated that they will be, this year, even more deeply interesting than in former years. [Chicago Tribune; Jun 2, 1866; pg. 0_4; col 3]  [Chicago Tribune; Jun 2, 1866; pg. 0_4; col 3]
P. Dillon   20 1865 Gen. William Tecumseh Sherman Union commander in the western theater of the (Civil) war 6/21/1865 "Perform Bravely the Battle of Life" [Chicago Tribune (1860-1872); Jun 24, 1865; pg. 0_4], [ND PR 20010513], [Notre Dame vs. the Klan, By Todd Tucker, page 33], [GO FORTH], [The Daily Cleveland Herald, (Cleveland, OH) Monday, June 05, 1865; Issue 163; col A], [The Daily Cleveland Herald, (Cleveland, OH) Wednesday, June 07, 1865; Issue 165; col A]
E. Sorin     1864          
E. Sorin     1863          
E. Sorin     1862          
E. Sorin     1861 Rev. Dr. John McMullen Chicago priest and teacher     [GO FORTH]
E. Sorin     1860          
E. Sorin     1859          
E. Sorin     1858          
E. Sorin     1857          
E. Sorin     1856          
E. Sorin     1856          
E. Sorin     1855          
E. Sorin     1854          
E. Sorin     1853          
E. Sorin     1852          
E. Sorin     1851          
E. Sorin     1850          
E. Sorin     1849          
E. Sorin     1848          
E. Sorin     1847          
E. Sorin     1846          
E. Sorin   1st 1845       first ND commencement [ND PR 20010513]
GO FORTH Go Forth and Do Good - Memorable Notre Dame Commencement Addresses, Edited by Wilson D. Miscamble, C.S.C.
ND PR 20010513 Notre Dame Press Release, May 13, 2001
ND PR 20020429 Notre Dame Press Release, April 29, 2002
ND PR 20090320 Notre Dame Press Release, March 20, 2009
ND PR 20100114 Notre Dame Press Release, January 14, 2010
ND PR 20110126 Notre Dame Press Release, January 26, 2011
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SBNT South Bend (Indiana) News-Times, microfilm, St. Joseph County Library
SBT South Bend (Indiana) Tribune, microfilm, St. Joseph County Library
WNDU 20080403, April 3, 2008
  The University of Notre Dame: A Portrait of Its History and Campus, by Thomas J. Schlereth
University of Notre Dame Presidents Dates in Office (click dates for photo) Birth Death additional sources for president's information
Rev. Robert A. Dowd, C.S.C. 2024-present circa 1966 living ND Press Release
Rev. John Jenkins, C.S.C.        2005-2024 12/17/1953 living  
Rev. Edward  Malloy, C.S.C.               1987-2005 5/3/1941 living  
Rev. Theodore Hesburgh, C.S.C.         1952-1987 5/25/1917 2/26/2015  
Rev. John J. Cavanaugh, C.S.C.           1946-1952 1/23/1899 12/28/1979 [New York Times; Dec 30, 1979; pg 14]
Rev. J. Hugh O’Donnell, C.S.C.           1940-1946 6/2/1884 6/12/1947 [Chicago Daily Tribune; Jun 13, 1947; pg. 18]
Cardinal John O’Hara, C.S.C.              1934-1940 8/1/1888 8/28/1960  
Rev. Charles L. O’Donnell, C.S.C.           1928-1934 11/15/1884 6/4/1934 [Los Angeles Times; Jun 5, 1934; pg 3]
Rev. Matthew Walsh, C.S.C.               1922-1928 5/14/1882 1/19/1963  
Rev. James Burns, C.S.C.        1919-1922 2/13/1867 9/9/1940 [Chicago Daily Tribune; Sep 10, 1940; pg. 26]
Rev. John W. Cavanaugh, C.S.C.         1905-1919 5/21/1870 3/22/1935 [Chicago Daily Tribune; Mar 23, 1935; pg. 16]
Rev. Andrew Morrissey, C.S.C. 1893-1905 11/16/1860 5/28/1921 [Fort Wayne (IN) Journal-Gazette; May 29, 1921; pg16]
Rev. Thomas E. Walsh, C.S.C.     1881-1893 5/15/1853 6/17/1893 [Chicago Daily Tribune; Jul 18, 1893; pg. 7]
Rev. Patrick Colovin, C.S.C.    1874-1877 7/4/1842 8/20/1887  
Rev. Auguste Lemonnier, C.S.C. 1872-1874 4/12/1839 10/29/1874  
Rev. William Corby, C.S.C.     1866-1872 and 1877-1881 10/2/1833 12/28/1897  
Rev. Patrick Dillon, C.S.C.       1865-1866 1/1/1832 11/15/1868  
Rev. Edward Sorin, C.S.C. (founder)   1842-1865 2/6/1814 10/31/1893  
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