Bethy Williams

Stories about Bethy

In March 2009, Bethy and other teens slept out to raise awareness about the plight of the homeless.


In Summer 2008, Bethy and friends worked on a health care clinic in Mexico.


Bethy does volunteer work with others from her school as Adams Students Give Back (October 2007).


Bethy advised city government during 2007-2009 as a member of the Youth Advisory Council.


Break it down Bethy played at the Adams High School Big Band Bash, but had time for some dancing too (May 2006)


Bethy with LaSalle Academy Principal Janet Carey at 8th Grade Graduation, June 2005.  Bethy and Alex Bowman were co-winners of the Principal's Award, thanks, in part, to their work on the Student Council  (A drive to help others, February 2005).  Bethy also won the Orchestra Award and the Social Studies Award and several other honors. 


Mutt March raises funds for Pet Refuge (September 2003)