Bella and the Dough Boy

By Bobby and Bella

I woke up in Bobby's bed
and raised my little doggy head.
I looked at Bobby
Looking at Bobby is my hobby.

I walked in to the Hall of Fame
and stepped on something that gave me shame.
It was a Dough Boy, like no other
which belonged to my human brother

When he came home he would be really mad
Which would make me really sad.
He would probably kick me in the head
and not let me sleep in his bed.

I spent the rest of the day lying around
I usually sleep on the ground.
I started to bark at the door
I soon got up from the floor.

My body filled up with fear
Now Bobby was finally here.
Bobby saw the Dough Boy and said
"Don -t worry, I will not kick your doggy head."

Bobby fixed the Dough Boy and then
Let me in the bed again.