Suggested Stata Downloads

Here are some of the programs that I personally like and often use in my classes or research.  My handouts often assume/require that these routines be installed.  I will no doubt add to this list from time to time.  From within Stata, you can use the findit command to locate and install programs, e.g. findit spost13_ado.

Program Description
spost13_ado Several commands for the post-estimation interpretation of regression models.  Very useful for advanced work.  J. Scott Long and Jeremy Freese use these commands in their book, Regression Models for Categorical Dependent Variables Using Stata. If you have an ancient version of Stata you can get the spost9 commands instead.
mcp Patrick Royston's mcp program is great for when you want to do adjusted predictions and marginal effects with continuous variables. I use it in my Categorical Data Analysis class but it can be used for many other types of of models as well.
gologit2 & oglm These are programs for the analysis of ordinal data.  Since I wrote them, there is a fair chance that they will get used in my advanced courses!
estout/esttab, outreg2, outreg These are very useful routines for formatting the output from estimation commands, e.g. you can use them to show the results from a series of models. You really really really should learn how to use one of these, unless you like recopying thousands of numbers into tables. I usually use esttab.
fre Excellent program for getting frequency counts on multiple variables, including information on missing values.
collin Multicollinearity diagnostics.  More informative than Stata's vif command and does not require that you run a regression first.
extremes Lists the extremely high and extremely low values of a variable.  Can be useful for detecting outliers.  Has some of the same functionality as SPSS's EXAMINE command.