FIN 40610 - Security Analysis

Professor Shane A. Corwin

Fall Semester 2015




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Lecture Summaries, Suggested Textbook Problems, and Homework Assignments

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Suggested Textbook Problems

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Homework Problems

  Lecture 1 - Introduction to Valuation

  Lecture 1

  Homework 1

  Lecture 2 - Cost of Capital

  Lecture 2

  Homework 2

  Lecture 3 - Cash Flows

  Lecture 3

  Homework 3

  Lecture 4 - Growth and Terminal Value

  Lecture 4

  Homework 4

  Lectures 5 & 6 - Final Issues and Examples/Relative Valuation

  Lectures 5 & 6

  Homework 5 & 6


Nike Case Study Questions

Answers to Nike Case Study Questions

 Nike Case Study 
    Nike 10K (for fiscal year 2015, ending May 31, 2015)
    Nike Financial Statements including notes
    Nike prices

  Nike Case Study 2015 - Q1-Q8

  Nike Case Study 2014 - Complete Solutions



The Valuation Project:


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