Scott J. Emrich

Associate Professor
Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
University of Tennessee - Knoxville

Adjunct Associate Professor
Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Department of Biological Sciences (former concurrent)
University of Notre Dame

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Email: semrich at           Phone: 865-974-3891
Office: Min H. Kao Building, Room 608        Knoxville, TN

Brief Bio

I received a BS in Biology and Computer Science from Loyola College in Maryland and a PhD in Bioinformatics and Computational Biology from Iowa State University (ISU). Upon graduation, I received a ISU Research Excellence award and the university-wide Zaffrano Prize for Graduate Research. Starting after graduation in 2007 I spent the first ten years of my career at the University of Notre Dame, and now am an Associate Professor at the University of Tennessee (Knoxville). My research interests include genome-focused bioinformatics, parallel and distributed computing, and the intersection of biological applications and second and third-gen sequencing. Nearly all of my research has been funded by the National Institute of Health (NIH).



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News archive (pre twitter 2013 and after)

August 2015
- New R21 arrives with Emrich as PI to look at genome structure in Culex mosquitoes.

November 2015
- Rhodnius genome (kissing bug) published in PNAS. Continues to be one of the most read papers at UND according to ResearchGate.

August 2015
- Lauren Assour successfully defends her PhD thesis. Congrats Lauren!!

June 2015
- Paper on incipient speciation in Rhagaletis published in Ecology Letters

November 2014
- Two flagship papers from the Anopheles genome consortium published in Science. Aaron Steele (introgression) and Lauren Assour (synteny) key contributors. Emrich co-led the second paper on the gambiae complex with Matt Hahn and Nora Besansky.

June 2014
- Emrich and Besansky receive an NIH R21 to improve the genome of a neglected malaria vector.
- Aaron Steele received a ISMB travel award to present work related to R21. Congrats Aaron!
- Olivia Choudary and Nick Hazekamp present their work at CCGrid. Congrats!

May 2014
- Emrich and others receive an internal $100K grant (inc. cost share) to purchase 6 high memory machines for bioinformatics.

March 2014
- Novel virus discovered by Emrich and characterized by collaborators published in PLoS ONE.
- Shanw O'Neil's paper on expression differences under climate change published in Molecular Ecology.

August 2013
- Shawn O'Neil publishes on assessing de novo transcriptome assembly metrics in BMC Genomics.
- Josh Livermore published collaborative work on infering bacterial life styles from fresh water bacteria genomes in Environmental Microbiology.
- i5K marker paper published in Journal of Heredity.

May 2013
- Anopheles 16 genome marker paper published. Link here
- Andrew Rider (PhD) and Rory Carmichael (MS) successfully defend their theses. Congrats both!

January 2013
- Assemblethon2 preprint made available online. Metaassembler used for the fish was primarily designed by former undergrad Paul Baranay (now in the PhD program at Yale).
- Conference paper looking at elasticity of NDBL bioinformatiacs applications in a heterogenous cloud environment accepted by CCGrid 2013. Andrew Thrasher is the key NDBL contributor.