Laboratory Scientists and Organizational Structure

Notre Dame Basic/Exploratory Research Laboratory

Dr. Wenhui Zhang - Research Assistant Professor - Laboratory Manager

Dr. Mi-Kyung Yoon - Senior Research Associate - NMR

Matthew Hadad - Senior Undergraduate Research Assistant - DFT
Toby Turney - Senior Undergraduate Research Assistant - DFT and Software Development

Andrew Incandela - Undergraduate Research Assistant - DFT

Ivana Surjancev - Undergraduate Laboratory Assistant - DFT and Synthesis
Amy Wang - Undergraduate Laboratory Assistant - DFT
Atticus Coscia - Undergraduate Laboratory Assistant - DFT
Christopher Euell- Undergraduate Laboratory Assistant - DFT

Omicron Applied Research Laboratory

Dr. Shikai Zhao - Laboratory Manager/Chief Research Scientist

Dr. Qingfeng Pan - Senior Research Scientist/R&D Manager

Laura Cummins - Chief Production Chemist
Gail Bondo - Production Chemist
Meredith Reed - Production Chemist

Eric Bondo - Laboratory Technician
Grace Liu - Laboratory Technician
Mei Zhao - Laboratory Technician

Dr. Quanli Wang - SBIR Senior Research Scientist
Dr. Bo Meng - SBIR Research Scientist
Jun Wang - SBIR Chemist

Dr. Ann Serianni - Financial and Administrative Assistant
Nancy Myers - Information Technologist/Web Site Manager

Robert Sproston - Laboratory Maintenance (Contracted)

Last Update: 02/11/16