Pictures of Alea when she's growing up, born November 17, 2000

    Growing up pictures:


    Alea and Rachel

    Alea learning about vegetables

    Alea with cousin Liam and Cousin Natalia making friends with Hamutal

    Alea with Grandpa Harvey

    Alea taking a bath

    Alea feeling the effects of too many New Year's parties

    Alea wondering what everyone at the party would do if she turned the lights off

    Alea and Tia Bea discussing indoor astronomy

    Alea, Natalia, and Rachel explaining to cousin Liam that girls rule!!

    Alea learning that she will be able to eat chocolate chip cookies, after some practice with rice cereal

    Alea expressing surprise as she learns that her practice with rice cereal will take more than a few hours

    Alea's Ernest Hemingway pose

    Alea and dad both deep in thought trying to solve a problem in representation theory

    Alea has found a satisfactory solution to the problem, but dad is still perplexed

    Alea at her first religious ceremony, trying to understand what is going on and its relation to all the leftist ideology she has heard

    Grandma telling Alea that even if she didn't understand the ceremony, at least she got the pull the beard of the very nice Rabbi

    Alea and Liam getting a chance to talk without interruptions from the adults they take care of

    Alea worrying about whether there is room left for her on Tia Anne's lap

    Alea trying to teach Liam how to do a swan dive

    Alea imitating Clint Eastwood

    Alea has become tired of her crib and is considering new places to hang out

    Alea trying to explain to mom and dad that she wants to take more baths

    Alea agreeing to be in her snow suit as long as she is taller than everyone else (thanks to grandpa)

    Alea pretending to be pensive.

    Cousin Julia explaining hockey cheerleading to Alea.

    Cousin Ben demonstrating relaxing ways to appreciate baseball to Alea.

    Alea finding her own way to relax.

    Alea goes off to the beach with the necessary equipment.

    Alea looking cooler than her parents.

    Alea, mom, and Kitty sharing a joke.

    Alea telling her mouse a different joke, perhaps about the kitty?

    Alea in a truly relaxed state.

    Alea calling her friends to tell them she arrived safely.

    Alea trying out her father's fashion sense, before wisely dismissing it.

    Alea trying to decide if the new house will be a good environment for her animals

    Alea getting ready for a long march in unpleasant weather.

    Alea and Liam, making proper use of their parents.

    Alea making her choice of a future profession clear.

    Alea in a relatively downbeat mood.

    Princess Alea displaying her vast kingdom.

    Princess Alea displaying her multicultural sensitivities.

    Alea and Shirah showing that princesses can be friends, even if one of them is wearing pants.

    Alea with her mom.

    Alea in her princess/action-adventure mode.

    Princess Alea, surveying her domain from on high.

    Alea, showing off.

    alea is riding a horse.

    Alea at the JCC beauty shop.