2006 Fieldschool

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GROUP SHOT:  Domers GUEST SPEAKER:  Prof. Donald Ortner, Paleopathology, Smithsonian Institution FUN PIX:  Call of the wild
GROUP SHOT:  Excavation tool ?? GUEST SPEAKER:  Prof. Dennis Van Gerven, Statistics, University of Colorado FUN PIX: Worth 1000 words...
GUEST SPEAKER:  Paul Cobb, Islamic History, Univ. of Notre Dame GUEST SPEAKER: Prof. John Spencer, Religon, John Carroll University FUN PIX:  Taste tester
GROUP SHOT:  Jaime Ullinger - Evidence for 'continuity' GUEST SPEAKER:  Prof. Yorke Rowan, Near Eastern Archaeology,  Univ. of Notre Dame FUN PIX: 80s retro (Chicago Trip)
GROUP SHOT: King Tut exhibit @ Field Museum GUEST SPEAKER: Prof. Michael Driscoll, Liturgy, Univ. of Notre Dame FUN PIX: Happy couple
GROUP SHOT:  Dennis visit GUEST SPEAKER:  David Jenkins, w/Anastos Byzantine collection FUN PIX:  Candystripers
GROUP SHOT:  Jim Phillips & 'Sue" @ Field Museum GUEST SPEAKER:  Prof. Mark Schurr, Bone Chemistry, Univ. of Notre Dame JULY 4th BBQ:  Grace and hookah
GROUP SHOT: Nile restaurant lunch GUEST SPEAKER:  Prof. James Philliips, Field Museum & Univ. of Illinois-Chicago FUN PIX:  Homo habilis ullingerensis
GROUP SHOT:  Tippacanoe Place (Studebaker Mansion) w/Prof John Spencer GUEST SPEAKER:  Prof. Edward Maher (and friend), Field Museum FUN PIX:  Counting candles...
GUEST SPEAKER:  Prof. Morag Kersel, Archaeological Ethics, Univ. of Cambridge GUEST SPEAKER:  Prof. Michael Driscoll on the basilica tour FUN PIX:   PC holdouts
GROUP SHOT:  Basilica tour  w/Michael Driscoll GUEST SPEAKER: Prof. Chapurukha Makokha Kusimba, Field Museum FUN PIX:  Sleeping beauty
GROUP SHOT: Zooarch talk @ Field Museum w/Edward Maher LAB SHOTS:  Dental Duo w/Prof. Van Gerven FUN PIX: Mmmm mmmm good
GROUP SHOT:  w/Michael Driscoll on the stairs of the Dome PROF DEVELOPMENT:  Prof. Terry Akai, Graduate School FUN PIX:  No idea...
GROUP SHOT:  Archaeometry lab w/Mark Schurr FIELD MUSEUM: Zooarch class FUN PIX:  Mac shock n' awe
GROUP SHOT:  Tippacanoe Place w/Prof John Spencer FUN PIX:  They were askin' for it LAB SHOTS:  Mummy lesson w/ Grace Jr and Nick
JULY 4th BBQ:  Hubbly bubbly circle GUEST SPEAKER:  Prof. Mark Schurr in Archaeometry lab FUN PIX:  Tonka time
GROUP SHOT:  Giant Moose FUN PIX:  Have toothbrush, will travel FUN PIX:  past & present
GROUP SHOT: Giordano's pizza in Chicago GUEST SPEAKERS:  LaSalle Grill-ers FUN PIX: Pizza man
CHICAGO TRIP: Millenium park waterslide GUEST SPEAKER:  Donald Ortner FUN PIX:  Study partner
CHICAGO VISIT: Trainspotting PROF. DEVELOPMENT: PPT lesson JULY 4th BBQ:  Tyler and hookah