“Prepare to Believe!!”
Stretching for the big trip
Proper respect ??
Lesson:  disease = sin
Creation Museum/Jurasic Park
Prepared to believe
Lesson:  poison = sin
Anne G. joins the adventure
Pet velociraptors ?
Real fossil interpretation
Yes...that's a dinosaur with a saddle for its human owner to rid
Naming the animals - who needs Linnaeus?
Lucy was no Lady
And this relates to "creation" how??
Unspoken message - Protestants only
Definitely easier to memorize...
Strategically placed lamb
Is this G-rated??
Justification for the war??!
Eve, she devil
It's all Eve's fault
The Late Great Planet Earth
On the ark
Note the dinosaur on the ark
The "new geology"
Scary animatronic dinosaur
Should Adam really be portrayed as ‘hot’??
"Linguistic anthropology"
Loading the ark...
...with dinosaurs
Repopulating the planet ... 6,000 yrs ago
Apparently no one has a problem...
...with killing people.  Very Christian.
Lesson:  proper gender roles
Anne at the gates of Ninevah
Herbivorous dinosaur
Lesson:  vegetarians = God-like
Birch trees??  Really??
Genetics re-defined
Jaime in the Creation Reading room
Paleoanthropologists take note
Issa exists!!