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Xiaobo (Sharon) Hu

    Xiaobo Sharon Hu
    Department of Computer Science and Engineering

Address Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering
University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame, IN 46556

Phone Phone: (574) 631-6015
Fax: (574) 631-9260
Email: shu(at)nd.edu
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Check out these Conferences:
Design Automation Conference
Embedded Systems Week
Cyber Physical Systems Week
Real-Time Systems Symposium
International Conference on Computer-Aided Design
Design, Automation & Test in Europe

Research Assistant and Postdoc Openings:
I am looking for strong and motivated Ph.D. students and postdocs with backgrounds and interests in circuit and architecture design with emerging devices. The accepted students will work on projects that explore the use of beyond-CMOS devices in computing-in-memory and/or neural network accelerator architectures. Familiarity with application domains such as image analysis, security, and autonomous systems is preferred.