Rambler History

The Hall of Champions was donated by Robert M. Siegfried ('37, founder of the NORDAM aerospace company) and Raymond H. Siegfried II ('65) of Tulsa, Oklahoma. It was built on Mod Quad in 1988 to house women. These women called themselves the Slammers before they were moved to the newly constructed Welsh Family Hall on West Quad when Flanner and Grace Halls were converted to office space in 1997. The new inhabitants of Siegfried called themselves the Ramblers as a tribute to our football team's old nickname during the days of Knute Rockne in the early 1900's. Our Viking image is partially inspired by Siegfried, a Viking warrior in Richard Wagner's operatic movement "Ride of the Valkyries". Our rector, Father John Conley, has been with us since our inception as a men's hall.

Siegfried has established its prestige as the Hall of Champions over the years by dominating the O'Leary Interhall Cup championship, winning the cup 7 out of the last 9 years. As both Knott and Siegfried Halls originated from Flanner Hall, the brother dorms engage in a friendly annual competition over the naming rights to the land between our dorms. We have claimed the Siegfried Slope 11 out of the last 16 years. Some notable Rambler graduates include Justin Tuck '05, New York Giants defensive end; Jeff Faine '03, New Orleans Saints offensive lineman; Sean Mahan '03, Pittsburgh Steelers offensive lineman; Katryna Gaither '97, Minnesota Lynx center.