Do Programmers do Change Impact Analysis?

Siyuan Jiang
Dr. Collin McMillan
Dr. Raul Santelices


The resources on this page are to help you verify our results. Please Siyuan Jiang, if you need additional help or information.

In-Depth Study Data

Activity List: lists all the activities that we recorded in an “activity log”.

Videos: In this folder, there are 20 videos in total. Two videos are discarded because the participant is not familiar with Eclipse.

Logs: each log represents a video.

Virtual Machines and Instruction Documents for Participants: This folder has the two virtual machines that we gave to the participants in the in-depth study. These two virtual machines are .ova files, which can be imported by VirtualBox. This folder also includes the two instruction documents that we gave to the participants before they started the study. Each instruction document has: 1) an informed consent form, and 2) an instruction document about how to proceed the study.

Bugs: This file contains the bug reports, the commits corresponding to the fixes, and the potential ripple effects caused by the bugs.

Qualitative results: the qualitative results are not available online for privacy. Please email for further information.

Data analysis: Please email, for the details of the data processing.


Breadth Study Data

The deactivated online survey

This is the online survey we used to conduct the Breadth Study.

Data Analysis

This folder has all the data and scripts to obtain the results we presented in the Breadth Study.