A tool for documenting input/output examples—actual values that api functions take and return


Docio is a prototype toolset that helps api developers add input/output values in api documents.


Docio has three programs that are all hosted in Github.

Go to Installation section for installation and usage guide. We also set up a VM that can be downloaded here.


Some i/o examples for FFmpeg (official website):

The entire FFmpeg documents generated by Docio is here.

Some i/o examples for Libssh (official website):

The entire Libssh documents generated by Docio is here.

The entire protobuf-c (offical website) documents generated by Docio is here.

Virtual Machine

We prepared a VM for you to try out Docio. In the VM, we also installed FFmpeg and wrote instructions of how you can use docio to create i/o examples in documents. You can try Docio by following the instructions in tryDocio.txt in the folder of FFmpeg.


How-to Videos

Using Docio on FFmpeg!


Please check the installation videos: view.

A snapshot of the three programs in Nov. 2016: Download