Math 60850, Fall 2008

Hayes-Healy 229: MWF 1:55-2:45

Information on grading, tests, homework, etc. (pdf version; postscript version; dvi version)

Course Syllabus

Instructor: Andrew Sommese (Hurley 291).



Office Hours: after class; and 10:30-11:30 Wednesday in my office.


Analysis of Craps (PDF file);

Markov Chains Applied to Craps (Maple 12 file);

Worked Example Useful for Homework 8 (Maple 12 file);

rutherford.mws, A Maple Worksheet on the Poisson distribution and the chi-square goodness-of-fit test: Rutherford's Geiger Count Data.


Exam Schedule

Exam 1: Monday, October 6 (take home).
Exam 2: Monday, November 17 (take home).
Final: Friday, December 19.


Homework 10 (due Monday, December 8).

Homework 9 (due Monday, December 1).

Homework 8 (due Wednesday, November 5).

Homework 7 (due Wednesday, October 29).

Homework 6 (due Wednesday, October 15).

Homework 5 (due Wednesday, October 1).

Homework 4 (due Wednesday, September 24):

Problems 4.15, 4.16, 4.17, and 4.19 on pages 33-34.

Problems 5.3 and 5.6 on page 45.

Homework 3 (due Wednesday, September 17).

Homework 2 (due Wednesday, September 10).

Homework 1 (due Wednesday, September 3):

Write down the elements of the sample space for the face values when tossing a red and a green die.

Assuming all outcomes are equally likely, what is the expected sum of face values? 

What is the expected maximum of the two face values?

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