University of Notre Dame College of Engineering


The Go Research Group always seeks highly motivated and creative researchers including undergraduates, graduate students, and post-doctoral scholars. The research in the Go Group is multi-disicplinary in nature and we welcome researchers from aerospace, mechanical, chemical, electrical and biomedical engineering as well as analytical chemistry and biochemistry.


Dr. Go welcomes researchers from all disciplines, and he has advised students in mechanical engineering, aerospace engineering, chemical engineering, chemistry, and biology. Junior and senior-level undergraduates are encouraged to contact Dr. Go ( for more information. Summer research opportunities are also available for students from both Notre Dame and other institutions.


The Go Research Group always seeks bright, energetic, and creative students to join the Ph.D. program in mechanical or aerospace engineering. Prospective students should have interests closely aligned with SST research - including plasma science, chemical and biological analysis, and thermofluid/energy science. The recommended course of action is for potential students to apply for admission to the graduate school, and to mention Dr. Go as a prospective advisor in their personal statement. Prospective students are welcome to contact Dr. Go ( for more information on specific research opportunities, but it should be stressed that he only evaluates complete applications after the deadline has passed. Prospective students especially interested in analysis tools and instruments for chemical and biological systems are encouraged to explore the option of a Ph.D. in Bioengineering under Dr. Go's guidance.