University of Notre Dame College of Engineering

Information for Current Members

  • To email the group, use this email list.
  • This is our group meeting schedule for Spring 2016
  • To request a purchase, fill out this PO Form (Word) or PO Form (PDF) (also found here) and email the item, cost, and vendor (with form attached) to Dr. Go using the subject line PO: item to be purchased. Print off Dr. Go's approval response, attach to PO, and deliver to AME office. If purchasing a chemical. Also send a copy of the MSDS to Dr. Go.
  • This is an article from SIAM News (April, 2011) on what not to do when presenting. This is a must read for all graduate students (and professors alike)!
    • This is a presentation Prof. Go put together to emphasize (and summarize) the points in the above article
  • Prof. Christy Haynes (U. of Minnesota) has put together some wonderful guidance on Writing a Scientific Paper and Creating and Delivering an Effective Scientific Presentation
  • And an PLOS Computational Biology (September, 2014) on making better figures.
  • A little humor is always useful to lighten the load ...