(Mampsis, Memphis, Kurnub)

 by Christin Engstrom  (Summer 2000 Field School)

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Chronology of Mamshit:
4th C BCE Mamshit founded by Nabateans. Last built of six Nabatean cities in Negev on the trade route between Petra, Avdat and Gaza.
106 CE Nabatean King Rabel II succeeded by direct Roman rule. Focus of Mamshit economy shifts from trade route to horse breeding. 
~284 CE Diocletian builds defensive wall around Mamshit, Mamshit becomes outpost on Arabian Frontier.
2nd -3rd C CE  Late Nabatean/late Roman Frescos painted in Building XII.
Mid-4th C CE Byzantines build East and West Churches.
378 CE Romans lose battle of Adrianople, begin draining soldiers from Arabian frontier.
530 CE Justinian becomes Emperor. Limitanei  (frontier troops) go into accelerated decline.
541 CE Plague in Negev. Mamshit possibly already deserted.
~550 CE Mamshit appears on Madaba map.
636 CE Muslim conquest

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Nabatean stables at Mamshit
Christin Engstrom near mosaics in Nilus church.

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