MS Driscoll and SG Sheridan.  "Every Knee Shall Bend:  A Biocultural Reconstruction of Liturgical and Ascetical Prayer in V-VII Century Palestine.   Submitted to Worship.


A dilema faces the church historian and liturgist when confronted with a period in church history for which documentary evidence is wanting.  The following article attempts a solution to this problem and reflects the work of a team of researchers at the University of Notre Dame who working together in a collaborative fashion offer some methodological solutions.  The project concerns the Byzantine monastery of St. Stephen in Jerusalem, which was an important monastic center from the fifth to the seventh centuries.  The focus of this particular paper is both liturgical and ascetical prayer and the effects that sustained strenuous prayer can have on the human body.  Biological analysis of the monastic remains in tandem with the written evidence for the site and region can produce a picture which unto now has remained blurred.


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