Math 60440

Topology II

Spring Semester, 2013

TEXT (recommended, but not required): Algebraic Topology by Allen Hatcher; also available online
Time and place:       MWF    1:55 - 2:45   Hayes-Healy 125                

General course information is here. Click here for the homework assignments. Click here for solutions to some homework problems.

Here are incomplete notes of the lectures, including an appendix on point-set topology.

Information for the exams. Follow any links for further information.

Take-home Exam due Friday, March 8, 1:55 PM Solutions to the Take-Home Exam Mid-term In-class Exam Friday, March 8, 1:55 - 2:45 PM Hayes-Healy 125 Final Take-home Exam due Friday, May 3, 2 PM Final In-class Exam Wednesday, May 1, 1:55 -2:45 PM Hayes-Healy 125

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