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Patrick Shirey

Patrick Shirey


  • B.S. Wildlife and Fisheries Science, Penn State
  • M.S. Wildlife Science, New Mexico State University
  • J.D. The Dickinson School of Law, Penn State
Blacknose Dace and Creek Chub

Research Interests

My research interests include aquatic ecosystems, endangered species, and the interrelationship between science and policy for the management of natural resources. I would like to focus a portion of my dissertation work on examining preserved museum specimens to evaluate changes in aquatic ecosystems. This can be accomplished by examining gut contents and measuring stable isotope concentrations of preserved fish, and comparing the results with current food webs to evaluate changes in ecosystems.

For further information please e-mail or visit my website.


  • Cowley, D.E., P.D. Shirey, and M.D. Hatch. 2006. Ecology of the Rio Grande silvery minnow (Cyprinidae: Hybognathus amarus) inferred from specimens collected in 1874. Reviews in Fisheries Science 14: 111-125.



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