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Influence of Marine Nutrients from Salmon on Stream Ecosystems - Publications

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  • Cak, A. D., D.T. Chaloner, and G.A. Lamberti. 2008. Effects of spawning salmon on dissolved nutrients and epilithon in coupled stream-estuary systems of southeastern Alaska.  Aquatic Sciences 70:169-178.

  • Tiegs, S.D., D.T. Chaloner, P. Levi, J. Rueegg, J.L. Tank and G.A. Lamberti. 2008. Timber harvest transforms ecological roles of salmon in Southeast Alaska rainforest streams. Ecological Applications 18:4-11.

  • Chaloner D.T., G.A. Lamberti, A.D. Cak, N.L. Blair, and R.T. Edwards. 2007. Inter-annual variation in responses of water chemistry and epilithon to Pacific salmon spawners in an Alaskan stream. Freshwater Biology 52(3):478-490.

  • Mitchell, N.L., and G.A. Lamberti. 2005. Responses in dissolved nutrients and epilithon abundance to spawning salmon in southeast Alaska streams. Limnol. Oceanogr. 50: 217-227.

  • Chaloner, D.T., G.A. Lamberti , R.W. Merritt, N.L. Mitchell, P.H. Ostrom, and M.S. Wipfli. 2004. Variation in responses to spawning Pacific salmon among three southeastern Alaska streams. Freshwater Biology 49: 587-599.

  • Chaloner, D.T., K.M. Martin, M.S. Wipfli, P.H. Ostrom, and G.A. Lamberti. 2002. Marine carbon and nitrogen isotopes in southeastern Alaska stream food webs: evidence from artificial and natural streams. Can. J. Fish. Aquat. Sci. 59:1257-1265.





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