Call For Papers

Seventh Annual Swarm Users/Researchers Meeting

SwarmFest 2003 

Notre Dame, Indiana USA
(PDF Download)

April 13 - 15, 2003

At SwarmFest 2003, scientists, modelers, and programmers working in a wide variety of domains will get the opportunity to share their research, knowledge and experience with multi-agent modeling including (but not restricted to) the Swarm simulation system. The Swarm Development Group also uses the meeting to help determine future development priorities, so come and tell us what's on your mind! The meeting is a cross section of the community, historically including content suitable for both inexperienced and experienced users and researchers.

Types of Submissions Requested:

1) Research
2) Applications
3) Development Reports
4) Surveys
5) Panel or Tutorial Proposals

Formats (text or PDF preferred):
1) Abstracts (200-300 words)
2) Extended Abstracts (500-1500 words)
3) Full papers (2000-5000 words)
4) Posters (200-300 word summary)
5) Panel or Tutorial Proposals (200-300 words, including panelists names and affiliations)


All submissions are requested by March 1, 2003. Notice of acceptance will be send by March 7, 2003. Early review and acceptance decision will be made on request. Late submissions may be accepted if space in the schedule is available.

Conference registration and room reservations for the conference hotel should be made by March 10, 2003.

E-mail submissions or questions to:swarmfest2003@swarm.org

Additional information: http://www.nd.edu/~swarm03/

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