Notre Dame Swing


Ever wanted to learn to swing dance?

Then come out and join us for lessons!


Think you can't dance? Think again. If you can walk, you can swing dance


No experience? No problem!! Beginner Swing open to dancers of all levels, no experience is required.


No partner? Still no problem! There will be plenty of awesome people to dance with and we will be be rotating partners frequently.


Done swing before or have a background in dance and looking for a more challenging class. Check out our Charleston class, Swing201 or Intermediate Swing class.


It's only $3/per lesson or $20/semester. The first lesson you come to if FREE!



Beginner Swing

Thursday, 8:00pm-10:00pm in Rockne 205.

Beginner Swing covers single step and triple step East Coast swing as well as the techniques for leading and following on the social dance floor. Every person, regardless of dance experience can benefit and learn from this class and we encourage people of all experience levels to attend.

Swing 201

Spring Semester Only

Swing 201 is a continuation of Beginner Swing, which primarily covers Charleston and pre-Lindy. This class is open to anyone but we recommend taking Beginner Swing concurrently if you have not taken it previously

Intermediate Swing

Tuesday, 8:00-10:00 in Rockne 205.

The primary focus of the intermediate class is social dancing. There is heavy emphasis on developing solid technique as well as dance vocabulary (moves) that will allow you to dance with anyone to any song. The majority of the classes will be centered around Lindyhop, Charleston and blues, but we will also be covering solo jazz steps, collegiate shag and balboa.


Intermediate Swing is a continuation of beginner swing and swing 201. If you have not taken Swing 201, you need to obtain permission from the instructors before joining the class. Just email Laura and ask about taking the class.