Notre Dame Swing



As the official swing club of the University of Notre Dame, we strive to introduce students to swing dancing in the forms of East Coast, Triple Step, Charleston, Blues, Lindy, Balboa, and line dances, providing them a foundation upon which they can build with further instruction, and bringing them to a level of competency necessary to feel comfortable on the social floor. We also aim to provide experienced dancers plenty of opportunities to dance on campus.


To accomplish this, we offer weekly lessons focusing on technique, repertoire, and development of personal style, with an emphasis on the principles of leading and following as opposed to a series of disjunct moves. We also offer weekly open dances for all club members to exercise their abilities, practice what they learn in lessons, and simply have fun!


This year, we are changing our format, increasing our number of lessons each semester from eight to eleven. We have also changed the lesson format. We will focus primarily on basic dance techniques as they apply to swing, covering everything from moving and stepping to the beat to spinning and turning techniques. We will later focus on style and technique as they apply to specific forms of swing dancing. The lessons will be self-contained, allowing people to join at any time.