Notre Dame Swing

Notre Dame Swing Club Presents


Join us as we dance our way through the Evolution of Swing. We will be performing numbers that explore the various styles of swing dance that have evolved in the past century from the Charleston of the Roaring Twenties to the fusion of hip hop and blues.


Saturday, Feb. 22nd at 6:00 PM at Trinity School at Greenlawn Auditorium

Monday Feb. 24th at 7:30 P.M. at Washington Hall, Notre Dame




Students: $3

Non-students: $7

At the door

Students: $5

Non-students: $10



Pre-sale tickets can be obtained from any of the dancers in the show, or you can email our event coordinator, Alyssa Lanting .



Alexa Fedynsky, Allison Emeott, Alyssa Lanting, Alyssa Ruiz, Ana Christian, Andrew DeVries, Anna McCoy, Anna Roemer, Annamarie Dibley, Annelise Steele, Brianna Casey, Calein Miltko, Calla Couch, Charles Filipiak, Chris Ayala, Colleen Duffy, Connor White, Daniel Barabasi, De’Lana Northbird, Dylan Reed, Jim Ropa, Joseph DeLuca, Justin Brill, Katie Del Vecchio, Kinga Fluder, Laura Simon, Leah Walsh, Maiti Quill, Mariah Villasenor., Mark Kinney, Mary Kate McShane, Megan Toal, Mel Savarese, Monica Gorman, Patrick Couch, Rachel Wall, Rebecca Turcios, Riwan Pelissier, Robert Stoddar, Samantha Mannion, Sami Burr, Skylar Hughes,Sukesh Shekar, Thom Behrens, Tori Tomiczek, Will Harris