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Honor Code

Examinations, quizzes and homework are conducted under the Notre Dame honor code.

Homework: While discussion in small groups in doing homework is permitted (and strongly encouraged with masks and social distancing) in this course, the work should be your own. Letting someone login in your name and do your online homework is a violation of the honor code.

Exams: All work on exams is to be your own.

Quizzes: All work on quizzes is to be your own with no help from others. Calculators will not be allowed for quizzes.

Late Homework

You will find the link to a complete list of electronic homework here.

The availability and due dates of all homework allow ample time for completion. Submission of homework can be carried out with any internet connection at any time. Therefore late homework will not be accepted. It is expected that you will start your homework well before the time at which it is due and that if you have to be out of town, you will plan ahead appropriately. Poor time management or a prearranged trip off campus, for any event, will not be considered as extenuating circumstances. If your computer is not working please use one of the many computers available on campus. If you are having any trouble with the system mysteriously not giving you credit for your work, please print out your completed work as you do your homework and bring it to class, show it to your instructor in person and they will give you credit.

Missed Exam

To miss an exam entirely you will need a University excuse such as a sanctioned athletic competition or an illness or a University sanctioned exam conflict. The University has announced the times for final exams (finals). Please let your instructor know by March 1 of any conflicts. The are University rules for resolving such conflicts and we need to know of them in advance.

Oversleeping is not a University recognized excuse. This is never a valid excuse for missing the final.

Missed Quiz/Tutorial

Since we drop the three lowest tutorial performances, the only excuse for missing a tutorial is an official University sanctioned excuse. (Due to issues with the first exam time change we will only drop the lowest two tutorial grades.)

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