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At this time help options are in flux.

Communicating with your instructor or TA.

Email is the preferred method of communication for now. There is a section called "Communication" in webAssign but since we are not usually logged on to webAssign we will often miss these for days at a time. Since we will be off campus more than usual, telephone is also iffy. You may contact any instructor or TA for help.

Addison Ethan email
Boustany Karim email
Campion Timothy email
Dyer Matthew email
Lanfranco Juan email
Madrid Padilla Carlos Misael email
Marangone Emanuela email
Mnev Pavel email
Petersen Sarah email
Scalamandre Matthew email
Taylor Laurence email
Trampel Kurt email
Voloshyn Dmitriy email
Warner TJ email

Email is also the most efficient way for us to communicate with you. Much is being made up as we go along and it is important that you read all emails coming from your instructor, your TA or the class as a whole.


Additional Help


The Math. Help Room is staffed Sunday through Friday via Zoom. The password is helproom. Here is a link to the precise schedule. There will be a waiting room, so if you are not immediately let in it is because the tutor is busy with another student.


Learning Resource Center of The First Year of Studies:

The First Year of Studies' Learning Resource Center (LRC), located in Room 228 Coleman-Morse Center, offers several types of help for First Year Students. The LRC provides Tutoring, Collaborative Learning, and walk-in weekly Help Sessions. More information is here.


In the unlikely event that you feel that the available free help does not meet your needs, the Mathematics Department maintains a list of tutors for hire.
Contact Ms. Hygema for the list.

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