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Your earn points on exams, in tutorial, in class and by doing homework as discussed below. Before those discussions here are some general remarks.

In other words: Keep Up!

If you feel the need for special accommodations for any part of this course, consult with the people at Sara Bea as soon as you realize there is a problem. (Again, there are no do-overs.)


Your exams totals will be posted on Sakai. If your performance on an exam is not to your satisfaction: Get Help Right Then!


Each tutorial (except the first) will have some portion which will be graded. Your point total for each tutorial will be posted on Sakai.

If your performance in tutorial is not to your satisfaction: Get Help Right Then!

There are 14 tutorials and the quizzes in 2-14 are each worth 5 points. To get to 50 points total we will drop your lowest 3 scores except for the last two which we will not drop. Because of the issues around the last minute change of time for exam 1, dropping your 3 lowest quizzes (except for the last two) results in only 9 quizzes (but still 10 tutorials) so you final quiz total will be scaled by 10/9.


There is a right way and a wrong way to do homework and you are the only one who knows which way you are following. The purpose of homework is to learn skills which are necessary to do well in the course. If you are practicing the wrong skills you are not utilizing your time to the best advantage: study smart, not long. What you should do is to look at a problem and write out a solution on paper. Check carefully that you have answered the question, including the stupid stuff like did you round your answer to the requested number of decimal places. Then type in your solution and submit it. If you get the green check mark you are in business and can move on to the next problem. If you get the red x go over your solution carefully to see if you made any arithmetic/algebra errors. If you find some, fix them and resubmit. If you still get an x stop and get some help as soon as possible. If you consistently find that your problem is arithmetic/algebra errors then you should take some time to figure out what sorts of errors you consistently make. We will be happy to help but only if you actively seek us out.

You get five chances to submit a homework problem. If you routinely need more than 2 or 3 tries you should get help. Sometimes the problem is English: you are not trying to answer the question they were trying to ask. This has nothing to do with your command of the language but rather that reading mathematics is subtly different than reading most prose or fiction. Again, we can help. Sometimes the problem is a genuine misunderstanding of the technique you are trying to use. Your instructors know many ways to explain a particular concept so if the way they chose to use in class/tutorial/video didn't work for you we are sorry but you will need to come see us for another try.

Warning There is a difference between Submit and Save. To receive points for a problem you must Submit it. If your mother calls while you are in the middle of a long problem you can Save it and come back to it later. It is a good idea when you think you are done with an assignment to go over it one last time to be sure you have submitted all your answers. You may have as many Saves as you like.

Each homework assignment has a due date, typically each Thursday, but consult the schedule to be sure. You must complete the assignment by 11:50pm on the due date.

Can you have an extension? NO.

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