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Linear Algebra is a basis on which modern mathematics was built. Almost all solvable problems use the techniques developed in Linear Algebra. Throughout this course, you will learn how these techniques are used in a variety of fashions, from standard solving of system of equations to identifying functions that are useful in solving differential equations.

It is appropriate that we wrap up the course with an introduction to differential equations, because it is your understanding of linear algebra which will allow you to find or approximate the solutions you need in solving differential equation

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If you need information about zooming to a class/tutorial, consult the Sakai site for the course.

Math Help Room (Multi Section Courses)

For office hours, we highly recommend utilizing the Math Help Room.  All of your TAs have hours available in the Math Help Room.  For Office Hours will your Professor, please refer to Section Information.  Below is general information about the Help Room and how to access it.

This help room is suitable for students in our multi section courses mainly Calculus courses but also Finite Math and the Engineering Linear Algebra (Math 10120, 10250, 10350, 10360, 10550, 10560, 20550, 20580). This semester, for social distancing, the Math Help Room will be online using Zoom. There will be a waiting room, so if you are not immediately let in it is because the tutor is busy with another student. You can join the Math Help Room with the Zoom link.

The Password is helproom

Math Help Room Schedule - Spring 2021


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