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Pack A Lunch, Pack A Gun (South Bend Tribune 03/18/18)

Christmas Classic Gets An Update (South Bend Tribune 12/22/15)

You Should Be Mad About The Hunting Ground (The Observer 04/16/15)

Sports Offers the Arena to Raise Awareness of Gun Violence (Washington Post 12/14/13)

The New Lou Part III (Notre Dame Magazine 12/11/12)

Entertaining The Tweeting Irish (Notre Dame Magazine 08/20/12)

The tragic Re-run (Notre Dame Magazine 07/25/12)

The New Lou Part II (Notre Dame Magazine 01/17/12)

Who Knew? The New Lou (Notre Dame Magazine Fall 2010)

Santa's Sleigh Spotted in South Bend (Indianapolis Star 12/05/09)

Admit It: You Watched Games To See Buff Americans in HD (Indianapolis Star 8/23/08)

Try This with NCAA Brackets: Seeding by Graduation Rates (Indianapolis Star 4/5/08)

When You Wish Upon a Falling Satellite (Indianapolis Star 3/8/08)
You Won't Find Gift of Death and Violence Under Tree (Indianapolis Star 12/13/07)
Pity the kids as reality TV sinks to pubescent level (Indianapolis Star 9/29/07)
Get serious about TV trash: Ban ads for violent shows (Baltimore Sun 5/20/07)
Smile! You've Been Used By American Idol
(Detroit Free Press 2/21/07)
If Fox Had Aired it, Here’s How it Happened
(Indianapolis Star 11/20/06)
A Trip to the Haunted House, Tonight at Eleven
(Indianapolis Star 10/18/06)
Notre Dame Dream Dates Play The Field
(Indianapolis Star 06/24/06)
TV101: Lessons Kids Must Learn to Keep Control (Indianapolis Star 06/10/06)
And the Winner of Presidential Idol Is...(Indianapolis Star 05/20/06)
Imagine No Ads, Just Super Philanthropy (Indianapolis Star 01/18/06)
Is This a Football Game or a Heavy Metal Concert? (Indianapolis Star 12/17/05)
You Are What You Watch (Indianapolis Star 10/16/05)

Drama of T-ball tailor-made for television
(Indianapolis Star 8/20/05)
There's Something Abour Little Girls That Turns Fathers Into Crooners (Indianapolis Star 06/18/05)
March Madness from the Tube to the Mall (Indianapolis Star 04/02/05)
On local TV newscasts, the Weather Team reigns (Indianapolis Star 03/05/05)
We're choosing a president, not a breakfast cereal (Indianapolis Star 11/13/04)
TV Journalists Have Obligation To Stay Close to the Centerline (South Bend Tribune 11/04)
Videos Provoke Violence? That's Silly (Indianapolis Star 7/31/04)
Watch Film Yourself, Then Decide and Vote (Indianapolis Star 7/2/04)
Escape To Disney World Offers No Reprieve From Fear (Indianapolis Star 6/12/04)
I Am Not An Anti-Christian, Liberal, Low-Carb Eater (NDWorks 4/1/04)
This celluloid experience was far too real for his taste (Indianapolis Star 3/13/04)
A Brief History of the Super Bowl Halftime Show (2/24/04)
The Ten Reality TV Shows You'll Never See(Indianapolis Star 1/31/04)
Prime-time violence beats the local news (Indianapolis Star 1/16/04)
Listen up, America: Is it real, or is it talk radio? (Indianapolis Star 11/15/03)
TV Timeouts Are The Curse Of Notre Dame Football (Indianapolis Star 10/4/03)
Few Average Joes in Reality TV (Indianapolis Star 8/30/03)
The Ten Little Secrets of Local TV News (Indianapolis Star 8/12/03)
Kids Grow Up Fast When Endorsements Are At Stake (Chicago Sun Times 7/19/03)
TV War Coverage Fits Right In (AScribe Newswire 4/3/03)
Feel Good About Yourself Television (Boston Globe 3/8/03)


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