"Ken Burns watch out ! This is the sweetest film about baseball I've ever seen." - Jill Godmilow (Academy Award nominated director, Best Documentary, Antonia: A Portrait of the Woman -1974 )

If you've ever spent a July afternoon at a Little League baseball game anywhere in the midwest, you'll recognize the extraordinary subtle pleasures of I Coach Wendy's - an hour long, sensuous traipse through a South Bend, Indiana Little League season, from the first meeting of the fund-raising committee to the last out of the final game. Meet Bev, the provocative play-by-play announcer who knows the strengths and weaknesses of every 9-12 year-old "minor leaguer". Meet Eddie, the hair-cutting sponsor of the "Eddie's Barber Stylists" team. (His shop sits exactly 500 feet beyond the left field fence.) And meet Ted Mandell, the coach of "Wendy's". He's your first-person guide, cameraman, and chief reminiscer - peppering the tape with stories of his own Little League career in Erlanger, Kentucky while dodging rumored advances from his shortstop's single Mom. Take a seat in the stands and spend and hour with I Coach Wendy's; a frank, often hilarious look into a lazy summer season of baseball in America's Heartland.

)Sample Scenes

Wendy's Drive Thru (55 sec., 6mb)
Fundraiser (45 sec., 5 mb)
Slide ! (41 sec., 4.8 mb)
Eddie the Barber (45 sec., 4.9 mb)
Good Game (34 sec., 4 mb)

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2004 Ted Mandell.

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