The Notre Dame Pre-Talbot Seminar on Automorphisms of Manifolds
Organizer: Bruce Williams
Webmaster: Allegra Berliner

The main goal of this seminar is to prepare people to attend the 2006 Talbot workshop, "Automorphisms of manifolds," mentored by Michael Weiss.  Anyone is of course welcome to attend and contribute to the seminar.
More information about Talbot can be found at the workshop website:
Note: there is now a link to a detailed reading list at the Talbot site.  

Talbot dates: February 26-March 4, 2006

Meetings will be on Thursdays at 12:30 in Hurley 258.




February 2

Bruce Williams

An informal overview of ideas from WW1

February 9

Stacy Hoehn

Surgery on Simply-Connected Manifolds


February 16

Stacy Hoehn

Surgery theory and Automorphisms of Manifolds
(This is a trial run of her talk for the workshop)

February 23

(ten) Allegra Berliner

The A-theory assembly map and stabilized h-cobordisms

Last Semester's Talks: 

November 3

Bruce Williams

Overview of the Subject

November 17

Bruce Williams

Surgery and Concordance

December 1

Bjorn Jahren

Some calculations of rational homotopy of diffeomorphism groups

December 8

Bruce Williams

Assembly maps and automorphisms of manifolds

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