University of Notre Dame, College of Science.

Science Business (SCBU), Chemistry Business (CHBU), Actuary Minor (MACT),
Mathematics Business Concentration (MATH/BUS) Waiting List

There is a heavy demand for Business courses and a new quota system has been implemented since 2011 for College of Science Science Business majors, Chemistry Business majors, Actuary Minors, and Mathematics Business Concentration.

  1. Any student requesting any of the SCBU, CHBU, MACT, MATH/BUS will be put on the waiting list once the quota is reached.
  2. If you like more information about the program, please make an appointment to the advisors listed below:
  3. It is essential that you talk to your advisors listed above to plan your courses of study. Since there is a heavy demand on the business courses, there is no guarantee that they will be available and there is no guarantee that you can finish all the requirements in time for graduation. Careful planning is absolutely essential. You should begin your planning while on the waiting list and talking to the advisors listed above.
  4. Since a first-year student must have a major, a first-year student requesting SCBU major will be assigned Science Preprofessional major (SCPP) and be put on waiting list. To put yourself on the waiting list, click one of the buttons below.
First-Year Students    Sophomores, Juniors, Seniors