The University of Notre Dame Press
Dinner with Osama

Marilyn Krysl

“A strong story collection . . . showcasing a feminist, leftist, postmodernist, funny voice. . . . A compassionate and incendiary work..” Kirkus Reviews, February 2, 2008

“Marilyn Krysl is one of our most gifted, quirky, and delightful storytellers~unpredictable, funny, and wildly inventive in wondrous ways. Her new collection shows her at the top of her form as she details the ordinary, the absurd, and the apocalyptic in outrageous and deeply affecting ways.” —Jay Neugeboren, author of 1940 and News from the New American Diaspora



Acquisition and Exhibition of Classical Antiquities
Professional, Legal, and Ethical Perspectives
Edited by Robin F. Rhodes

“Robin Rhodes' new volume presents a rich collection of essays with multiple perspectives on ethical questions surrounding the ownership of cultural property and the acquisition of antiquities. Directors of large and small museums, lawyers specialized in U.S. and international law, art historians, curators, and field archaeologists address these topics from their own points of view. The result is as rewarding as it is timely.”—Mary Sturgeon, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill